A selection of gift items we have which are perfect gifts for Gay Pride month and make thoughtful gifts to the LGBT people in your lives!

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LGBT pride candle gift set in rainbow colours. Set of 6 bright and colourful candles you will get a full rainbow worth of colours to match the LGBT pride colours. You will receive a blue candle, a green candle, a red candle, an orange candle, a yellow candle and a purple candle. This candle set makes a perfect and thoughtful gift or a treat to brighten up your own home decor.

These taper candles make a perfect set of candles for a dinner set and are sure to make your dining table and home look bright and cheerful! These delightful candle set is best displayed in all of its glory together but you could also separate out the colours and have different colourful candles spread throughout your home, it's totally up to you!

These candles are supposed to be a show of LGBT pride and to bring happiness and a dash of colour to your home. They are unscented candles and look great on a dinner table or mantelpiece. These candles will burn for approximately 8 hours and are made to be non-drip. They will fit most standard sized candle holders. They will help to build a bright and cosy atmosphere, particularly as the winter and autumn draw in on us.

Size: 21cm long and 2cm wide.
Handmade eco-friendly and reusable bamboo wood cutlery sets, including a bamboo knife, fork, spoon, a 2 bamboo chopsticks, a bamboo straw and a bamboo straw cleaner, all wrapped in a recycled canvas pouch, featuring a beautiful multi-coloured LGBT rainbow. This bamboo cutlery set makes a perfect travel cutlery set and a great camping cutlery set too! Each piece of bamboo cutlery fits nearly into a pouch inside the rainbow canvas bag, with a different sized compartment for each piece of cutlery. Each cutlery piece is held in the canvas by a stretchable band.

The beautiful rainbow on the canvas wrap that the cutlery sits inside of has all 6 colours of the Gay pride flag rainbow and is a great and subtle way to show off your LGBT pride. They're great for using at festivals or for use over gay pride celebrations! The canvas wrap is secured with a button clasp.

Bamboo is naturally very clean and has anti-bacterial qualities so you can be sure you're eating from a hygienic set of cutlery. Bamboo is one of the most sustainably materials there is as it takes very little water to grow and requires no pesticides or fertilisers. Not only this, it grows extremely fast and can be replaced very quickly.

Benefits of bamboo:
- Eco friendly material.
- Compostable and biodegradable at the end of life.
- Antibacterial.
- Hypoallergenic.
- Has natural freshness.

The cutlery should be washed in hot soapy water.
The fabric holder is machine washable.

Pouch 22cm x 6cm x 2cm
Straw 20cm
Fork 18.5cm x 2.5cm x 0.5cm
Spoon 20cm x 3.5cm x 0.5cm
Knife 18.5cm x 5cm x 0.3cm
Chopstick 20cm
Brush 20cm
Tall glass tube candle with colourful 'love' design on the outside in 2 multicoloured styles, perfect retro coloured scheme combined with a modern design. These long pillar candles have been set within a glass tube and completed with a lovely colourful covering that reads 'Love' with each letter of the word being set inside a different coloured box, making for a kind of retro art deco design. These lovely candles are sure to warm up your home not only with their warm candle light, but also with the bright colours and the little bit of love they'll add to your living space!

These candles are really just a little bit of a fun take on the ordinary, adding a bit of colour and fun to your home. They make really lovely gifts for special events and are a thoughtful way to let someone know that you care for them. The candles are very safe as they are set securely inside the glass jar so they're great for family homes, especially with their 'love' design.

Size: 20cm x 6cm x 6cm

Price is for 1 candle.

As the colourful 'Love' design has been added in vinyl, please note that there may be bubbles under the vinyl. We take great care not to let this happen but cannot always be sure that there won't be any.

Please follow all fire safety precautions when burning candles. Never leave lit candles unattended for any length of time. Always keep out of the reach of children and pets. Never place lit candles next to flammable surfaces such as walls, doors, curtains, etc. If flame becomes too large, extinguish with a damp cloth.
Our stained colourful glass art rainbow sun catchers are available in a variety of designs and are sure to add a pop of colour and joy to your home or garden. These colourful rainbow suncatchers are made to hang from your ceiling, wall or window handles and the colourful glass will catch the sunlight as it pours into your home, lighting up the colours of the rainbow and reflecting colourful light prisms around your home or garden.

These sun catchers come in a variety of designs, including rainbows in a variety of shapes, a chain of hanging rainbows, rainbows with the sun, with clouds and even a rainbow heart and rainbow butterfly. As well as the colourful rainbows, some of these designs also include colourful beads which finish them off wonderfully.


Rainbow Chain - H60cm x W7cm x D0.5cm

Round Rainbow - H:12.5cm W:12.5cm D:1cm

Rainbow & Clouds - H23cm x W22cm x D0.5cm

Rainbow & Sun - H:36cm X W:15cm X D:0.5cm

Rainbow Heart - H:7cm X W:8cm X D:0.1cm

Rainbow & 1 Cloud - H:19cm x W:12cm x D:0.5cm

Rainbow Butterfly - H:7cm X W:9cm X D:0.1cm

Rainbow with Gem - H:20.5cm W:15.4cm D:0.1cm
A colourful rainbow design wall hanging decoration, it is in a macramé style and is made from cotton string. The colourful rainbow will add a pop of colour to any home and has 7 lovely bright colours in it. The rainbow is completed with white fluffy tassels at either end.

This wall hanging decoration makes a lovely piece of home decor. It's also a great gift to give this month for LGBT pride! 

Size: H25cm x W25cm x D1cm
Sweet and colourful rainbow clocks with 5 layers of colour in the rainbow with two adorable fluffy white clouds on either end, which help the clock to maintain balance. This quirky rainbow clock can be stood on top of a table or mantelpiece or hung from the wall using the built in hook at the back of the clock. The clock features no numbers but has two standard clock hands. It's a great nursery clock and also makes a wonderful gift for LGBT people with the lovely rainbow.

The clock is in the shape of the rainbow with the colours of red, pink, orange, green and blue running through it to add a pop of colour to your wall decor. It is so adorable, that the fluffy white clouds on the clock even have rosy red cheeks!

It really is a very sweet clock and will make a lovely addition to any home.

Size: H25cm x W45cm x D1cm
Handmade colourful rainbow dreamcatchers that come in 4 unique styles, with tassels, feathers, a 7 web dreamcatcher and a large rainbow dreamcatcher. These dreamcatchers are perfect for brightening up a bedroom and add a lovely beam of colour which is sure to bring joy and happiness to the room - they are really grate for children's bedrooms as they put their minds at ease that they won't have nightmares and also are lovely for your kids to look at too.

Dreamcatchers are traditional Native American art forms typically hung over cradles or beds for protection. The intricately woven string replicates the web of a spider and is thought to capture evil.


- Tassel Dreamcatcher: This vibrant dreamcatcher is sure to brighten up any room with its cheerful rainbow of colours and beautiful tassels.
Size: H80cm x W27cm x D1cm

- Rainbow Arch Dreamcatcher: This modern dreamcatcher is shaped like a rainbow and will add a cheerful pop of colour to a child's room.
Size: H90cm x W30cm x D1cm

- White & Feather Dreamcatcher: This striking dreamcatcher features a white web with vibrant rainbow accents.
Size: H95cm x W27cm x D1cm

- 7 Web Dreamcatcher: This dreamcatcher features a large dreamcatcher web at the top and then 6 smaller ones dangling below it, making up a wonderful rainbow of colours.
Size: H90cm x W16.5cm x D1cm

Colourful rainbow wood effect book ends, with a beautiful rainbow holding up your books and adding a decorative touch to any bookshelf or mantelpiece. These rainbow book ends make a great addition to a children's nursery or playroom, as children will love the bright colours.

These book ends also make a really lovely gift to your LGBT loved ones, especially this Pride month. Love is love.

Size: H15cm x W15cm x D10cm

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