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“Happiness is the only good. The time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here. The way to be happy is to make others so”. – Robert Green Ingersoll

This is the belief of our Happy Place, to bring happiness to others is to be happier ourselves and what makes people happier than receiving a unique, wonderful gift?

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White ceramic mug set for a couple mug who are getting married or have recently been married or engaged, these two mugs make a wonderful gift set. This pair of white ceramic tea & coffee mugs/cups with 'blushing bride' and 'dashing groom' on them are such a lovely gift. They are really wonderful Valentines, Engagement, Anniversary and Wedding gifts! They are a really thoughtful gift and are great to gift for house warmings for newly engaged or married couples. One mug reads 'Dashing Groom' in a lovely grey colour and the other says 'Blushing Bride' in a wonderful dusky pastel pink; each mug has a heart on it in the same colour as the text and a coloured handle to match!

Set of two contemporary mugs that make a great gift for couples for Christmas, engagement parties, weddings or anniversaries. The mugs come presented in an attractive gift box with a plastic window and come finished tied with a lovely and rustic twine bow around them which makes these mugs a very pretty gift set.

Mr and Mrs Gift Set, Married Couple Gift Set, Wedding Gifts, Couple Christmas Presents, Bridge and Groom Gifts, Engagement Gifts for Couples

H:10cm W:25cm D:9.5cm
Large ceramic coffee, tea and hot chocolate mugs that make perfect gifts for the festive time of year, these lovely Christmas mugs are both microwave and dishwasher safe and come in two Xmas designs. The first design is a dark blue colour with the words 'Baby it's Cold Outside' stencilled onto the mug in Gold and white with pretty white snowflakes around the text. The second design is a pastel dusky pink mug that has the words 'snuggle season' stencilled on it in a lovely Christmas gold colour with two white snowflakes around the text. The mugs are the perfect way to enjoy a lovely hot chocolate over the festive period and will keep you nice and warm!

These mugs are quite large and are made from thick and high quality ceramic which has a glazed finish which makes them really shiny and glossy looking as well as more resistant to scratches. They come in beautiful gift boxes with snowflakes on the sides which makes them a lovely Christmas gift.

These mugs are both microwave and dishwasher safe so are easy to care for and use.
The handles on the mugs are very sturdy too.

Size: 13cm x 10cm x 10cm
Pastel dinner candle stick set of 3 candles in blush pink rose, baby blue, marble misty grey pastel colours which are perfect for brightening up your dinner table or tablescape. These minimalist design scandi style taper candles will make a wonderful addition to your home and will add a pop of pastel colour to your home during the coming darker winter months. They are non-drip candles so won't make any mess, the candles are handmade and have been overdipped with the pastel colour wax. These candles burn very clean.

They really are quality candles and they come in a wonderful colour set of 3 which look fabulous together!

Size: Height 21cm x Width 2cm

Please follow all fire safety precautions when using these candles. Never leaves lit candles unattended for any length of time. Place on heatproof surfaces and in secure candle holders. Keep away from flammable objects such as walls, doors and curtains. Keep out of reach of children and pets. If flame becomes too large, extinguish which a damp cloth.
Orange pumpkin colour Halloween enamel mug which is perfect for a pumpkin spiced lattes or hot chocolate during the cold October nights. The mug is large and holds plenty of drink, it's a robust cup and has wonderful spooky Halloween designs of black bats, witches cauldrons, ghosts, skulls, crosses, pentagrams and the moon on it which all air perfectly with this creepy and wonderful celebration!

This mug is a very good size and has a wide brim to prevent those pesky drips that sometimes spill down the mug as you take a sip. The mug makes a wonderful and whimsical drinking cup for use during the winter months but it also makes a really good travel mug as it is large and very lightweight. It has a very sturdy handle and a black rim around the top to finish off the spooky theme.

It has adorable little ghosts, skulls, bats and more printed on it which are really cute.

Size: 9cm x 9cm x 9cm
LGBT pride candle gift set in rainbow colours. Set of 6 bright and colourful candles you will get a full rainbow worth of colours to match the LGBT pride colours. You will receive a blue candle, a green candle, a red candle, an orange candle, a yellow candle and a purple candle. This candle set makes a perfect and thoughtful gift or a treat to brighten up your own home decor.

These taper candles make a perfect set of candles for a dinner set and are sure to make your dining table and home look bright and cheerful! These delightful candle set is best displayed in all of its glory together but you could also separate out the colours and have different colourful candles spread throughout your home, it's totally up to you!

These candles are supposed to be a show of LGBT pride and to bring happiness and a dash of colour to your home. They are unscented candles and look great on a dinner table or mantelpiece. These candles will burn for approximately 8 hours and are made to be non-drip. They will fit most standard sized candle holders. They will help to build a bright and cosy atmosphere, particularly as the winter and autumn draw in on us.

Size: 21cm long and 2cm wide.
Unique whiskey and woodsmoke candles in solid concrete pots with natural rose wood wicks that crackle like an open fire when burnt. The candles themselves are made from vegan friendly and high quality soy wax which provides a fantastic scent level and the cosy smells of warm whiskey and wood smoke will fill your home and create a wonderful cosy atmosphere. Making lovely rustic home decor, these grey cement pot / concrete pot candles feature an ornate and beautiful stag silhouette on the front which only adds to their beautiful rustic and natural look.

These really are candles made from the highest quality ingredients. The concrete pot has been finished off to be completely smooth and sleek to the touch and the wood wick and soy wax are both premium quality too. The bottom of each candle has protective felt pads on them to protect any surface you put them on from being scratched. Concrete pots make these candles sturdy and heavy.

Sustainable and eco friendly because once you have burnt the candles and the contents of the concrete pot are gone, you can use this raw and natural looking pot to plant some greenery in, the concrete is naturally very breathable and allows oxygen to reach the roots of the plants - not only that, but the concrete makes any plant or flower planted within the pot look fantastic.

Size: 7cm x 6cm

Please follow all fire safety precautions when burning this candles. Always place candle on a heatproof matt or surface. Keep away from flammable surfaces such as walls, doors and curtains. Always keep out of the reach of pets and children. If flame becomes too large, extinguish with a damp cloth.
Upcycled jute and cotton tote bags that are completely biodegradable and sustainably made - available in a natural colour, pink, blue and black, all of which have lovely netting designs and a long handle at the top for easy over the shoulder carrying. These natural and eco-friendly market style carrier bags are the perfect small step to take to start living a more sustainable life (plus, they will save you the charges on plastic carriers!)

Mesh bags help to keep the produce you carry inside dry and aerated as opposed to plastic bags which can often leave your fruit and vegetables damp suffocated. These tote bags look great too as well as being very useful and make lovely ways to carry around your shopping.

The blue bag is partly made from recycled denim too! Gently hand wash or machine wash these bags when you feel they need a little bit of sparkling up; simply wait for it to dry and it will be good as new, ready to go out with you shopping again.

Size: 65cm x 40cm x 1cm
Large colourful bistro style taper candles in church candle quality which are perfect for the dinner table or mantelpiece and burn for up to 8 hours with a non-drip and clean burn. They come in set of 3. These vibrant dinner candles are perfect for adding a touch of colour to your home to keep it bright during these winter months whilst also making the atmosphere of your home warm and cosy. Each pair of these dinner candles have been hand dipped in white wax and then over-dipped with a colourful coating of wax and we have available red candles, orange candles, yellow candles, blue candles, green candles and purple candles.

These candles are non-drip so will burn very clean and are unscented. They will fit most standard sized candle holders and measure 21cm tall and 2cm wide. Their burn time is approximately 8 hours per candle.

Size: Height 21cm x Width 2cm

Please follow all fire safety precautions when using these candles. Never leaves lit candles unattended for any length of time. Place on heatproof surfaces and in secure candle holders. Keep away from flammable objects such as walls, doors and curtains. Keep out of reach of children and pets. If flame becomes too large, extinguish which a damp cloth.
Handmade soft knitted ladies hairbands in vintage 1950s housewife style with a twist knot in the front. These headbands are stretchy so have some give to fit the size of your head. They have been hand knitted using acrylic yarns which are super soft and will also keep your ears warm over the autumn and winter months. These hairbands are very vintage inspired and come in green, brown, purple and pink colours. Not only are these hair bands functional but they also make a style statement and look very pretty and feminine. The knotted twist in the front really does look elegant and very pretty!

These hair bands can be worn simply to add to your outfit and style or to keep your hair out of your face whilst going about your day to day duties at work or home. They're also really grate to use when you want to apply make up or a face mask and need your hair out of your way.

The brown and green colours have a little more give than the other colours as they have been made with a more stretchy yarn.

One size fits all.

Size: 23cm x 10cm approx
Black new bone china mug with white text, featuring a talking board / ouija board design in white text. This talking board mug makes the perfect gift for all lovers of witchy gifts, black magic and the occult. These black coffee mugs and tea cups are standard sized and come in a lovely gift box so they make a wonderful gift! The mugs feature the alphabet in the layout of a ouija board along with the words 'talking board' and 'yes' and 'no'. The mug also features the words 'goodbye' and 'use with caution' to add to the creepy mystique of this special coffee and tea mug. The mug comes with a handle for easy holding and features wonderful motifs around the handle such as a pentagram star and a decorative moon and star, as well as a beautiful ornate sun.

This mug is sure to go down a treat if given as a gift and is sure to add some intrigue to your home if you treat yourself to this mug!

This mug is both dishwasher and microwave safe.
Please note that props in some of the images such as crystals and the crystal coaster are not included with this mug.

Size: 13cm x 10cm x 8cm

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