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“Happiness is the only good. The time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here. The way to be happy is to make others so”. – Robert Green Ingersoll

This is the belief of our Happy Place, to bring happiness to others is to be happier ourselves and what makes people happier than receiving a unique, wonderful gift?

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A colourful rainbow design wall hanging decoration, it is in a macramé style and is made from cotton string. The colourful rainbow will add a pop of colour to any home and has 7 lovely bright colours in it. The rainbow is completed with white fluffy tassels at either end.

This wall hanging decoration makes a lovely piece of home decor. It's also a great gift to give this month for LGBT pride! 

Size: H25cm x W25cm x D1cm
Tall glass tube candle with colourful 'love' design on the outside in 2 multicoloured styles, perfect retro coloured scheme combined with a modern design. These long pillar candles have been set within a glass tube and completed with a lovely colourful covering that reads 'Love' with each letter of the word being set inside a different coloured box, making for a kind of retro art deco design. These lovely candles are sure to warm up your home not only with their warm candle light, but also with the bright colours and the little bit of love they'll add to your living space!

These candles are really just a little bit of a fun take on the ordinary, adding a bit of colour and fun to your home. They make really lovely gifts for special events and are a thoughtful way to let someone know that you care for them. The candles are very safe as they are set securely inside the glass jar so they're great for family homes, especially with their 'love' design.

Size: 20cm x 6cm x 6cm

Price is for 1 candle.

As the colourful 'Love' design has been added in vinyl, please note that there may be bubbles under the vinyl. We take great care not to let this happen but cannot always be sure that there won't be any.

Please follow all fire safety precautions when burning candles. Never leave lit candles unattended for any length of time. Always keep out of the reach of children and pets. Never place lit candles next to flammable surfaces such as walls, doors, curtains, etc. If flame becomes too large, extinguish with a damp cloth.
Sweet and colourful rainbow clocks with 5 layers of colour in the rainbow with two adorable fluffy white clouds on either end, which help the clock to maintain balance. This quirky rainbow clock can be stood on top of a table or mantelpiece or hung from the wall using the built in hook at the back of the clock. The clock features no numbers but has two standard clock hands. It's a great nursery clock and also makes a wonderful gift for LGBT people with the lovely rainbow.

The clock is in the shape of the rainbow with the colours of red, pink, orange, green and blue running through it to add a pop of colour to your wall decor. It is so adorable, that the fluffy white clouds on the clock even have rosy red cheeks!

It really is a very sweet clock and will make a lovely addition to any home.

Size: H25cm x W45cm x D1cm

Colourful rainbow wood effect book ends, with a beautiful rainbow holding up your books and adding a decorative touch to any bookshelf or mantelpiece. These rainbow book ends make a great addition to a children's nursery or playroom, as children will love the bright colours.

These book ends also make a really lovely gift to your LGBT loved ones, especially this Pride month. Love is love.

Size: H15cm x W15cm x D10cm

Our stained colourful glass art rainbow sun catchers are available in a variety of designs and are sure to add a pop of colour and joy to your home or garden. These colourful rainbow suncatchers are made to hang from your ceiling, wall or window handles and the colourful glass will catch the sunlight as it pours into your home, lighting up the colours of the rainbow and reflecting colourful light prisms around your home or garden.

These sun catchers come in a variety of designs, including rainbows in a variety of shapes, a chain of hanging rainbows, rainbows with the sun, with clouds and even a rainbow heart and rainbow butterfly. As well as the colourful rainbows, some of these designs also include colourful beads which finish them off wonderfully.


Rainbow Chain - H60cm x W7cm x D0.5cm

Round Rainbow - H:12.5cm W:12.5cm D:1cm

Rainbow & Clouds - H23cm x W22cm x D0.5cm

Rainbow & Sun - H:36cm X W:15cm X D:0.5cm

Rainbow Heart - H:7cm X W:8cm X D:0.1cm

Rainbow & 1 Cloud - H:19cm x W:12cm x D:0.5cm

Rainbow Butterfly - H:7cm X W:9cm X D:0.1cm

Rainbow with Gem - H:20.5cm W:15.4cm D:0.1cm
Decorative wavy and curvy tall pillar candle made from pure and eco friendly soy vegan wax, complete with a natural cotton wick. This cream coloured soy wax candle is a tall pillar candle and is unique with its wavy design, with rounded waves running from the top of the candle to the bottom. The candle is soy wax so is vegan friendly and is completely cruelty free. This unique Nordic home style candle is perfect for adding to your dinner tablescape or mantelpiece to add a finishing touch. The candle's geometric curvy design makes it a really interesting piece of home decor.

These candles are made by hand and so some slight variations may occur in the design. These candles are designed to be purely decorative candles, but can be burnt and will provide a cleaner burn than other candles due to the pure properties of the natural soy wax they are made from.

If you do decide to burn these candles, please follow all fire safety precautions. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Keep away from flammable surfaces such as walls, curtains and doors. Never leave a lit candle unattended for any length of time. If flame becomes too large, extinguish with a damp cloth.

Size: 23cm x 3cm
White and yellow eco friendly bamboo fibre lunch box, made from 100% responsibly sourced sustainable bamboo fibres and made using a zero waste process and featuring a cute yellow bumble bee design, with small black and yellow bees dotted in a pattern all over the lunchbox lid. The lunchbox features a white lid with a bumble bee pattern on it whilst the base of the box is a vibrant and colourful yellow to match the bee vibe of this lunch box. The lunch box comes with a bright yellow rubber band to secure the lid to the lunchbox in order to keep the food inside secure.

This lunch box is made exclusively from bamboo fibres which are one of the most sustainable materials out there due to bamboo's incredibly fast growth rate and the fact it doesn't take much water to grow, as well as the fact it doesn't need pesticides to grow. So you can be sure that this lunch box is not only good for you to take your food to school or work but is also great for the planet!

This lunchbox comes in fully recyclable packaging too.

Size: 18.5cm x 12.5cm x 6cm

BPA free and free from phthalates.

Dishwasher safe (not the rubber band).
Do not microwave.
Beautiful wood style garden bird house complete with a bird perch below the opening, a white picket fence along the bottom to provide a cosy homely feel and a unique decorative window on each side of the bird house; allowing the birds to be able to look outside from the safety of their bird house. This garden bird house and garden bird nesting box comes with a clean and modern white base and a white roof, with a shabby finished body to suit your garden and make the birdhouse look natural. The bird house comes in 2 colours, one is a garden green colour and the other is a natural woody colour.

The bird house has a round entrance at the front to allow the birds to come in and out of the bird house as they please. The walls of the house are nice and thick so will keep the birds lovely and warm inside. There is a built in hook on top of the bird house with a sturdy jute string attached, allowing you to easily hang the birdhouse on a tree or fence post.

Size: 23cm x 16cm x 12cm
This butterfly house is the perfect way to welcome colourful and beautiful winged friends to your garden this summer! This wooden butterfly hotel has natural wood colours of the plywood running through it with a contrasting teal coloured roof and base, the base has a small platform on it for the butterflies to land and it has a reservoir on it, which enables you to place small pieces of fruit and sugar water in it to attract the butterflies and entice them inside! The front of the butterfly hotel has 4 long slots in it which allows the butterflies to come in and out with ease and these slots are perfectly shaped for the butterflies. The narrow slots also prevent birds from being able to get their beaks inside to eat the butterflies.

This natural butterfly shelter makes a wonderful addition to your garden and is sure to make your garden a more welcoming and colourful place once it starts to house some beautiful butterflies! The butterfly shelter is also eco friendly as it is made from 100% FSC certified plywood.

Size: H:23cm X W:12cm X D:16cm
  • smaller
  • medium
These handmade wooden hanging bird feeders are put together by hand using upcycled and sustainably sourced driftwood and are made in the welcoming design of a cosy wooden bird house which is sure to be inviting for your garden birds! They are carefully cut into pieces that slot together for a natural and well finished look and are held in place using discreet and small nails.

The wood is cut into natural looking log type shapes which add to the natural and rustic look of these bird houses, bringing plenty of natural charm to your garden. The birdhouse has several decorative pieces of wood surrounding the circular entrance to the bird house, which add even more to the beauty to their design. The bird house comes on a small rope which allows you to hang it securely from a wall, tree or fence.

This bird house has been handmade with love and has been made to look as natural as possible to blend into your garden but also to make your garden birds feel safe and at home. This bird house will help to keep them safe, warm and cosy all year long!

Smaller - 15cm x 11cm
Medium - 21cm x 15cm
Sizes are approximate as due to the handmade nature of these bird houses, each item comes out slightly different.

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