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“Happiness is the only good. The time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here. The way to be happy is to make others so”. – Robert Green Ingersoll

This is the belief of our Happy Place, to bring happiness to others is to be happier ourselves and what makes people happier than receiving a unique, wonderful gift?

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Handmade and all natural orange and cinnamon scent incense sticks, with the beautiful mixed scents of fresh citrus orange and sweet and spicy cinnamon. These incense sticks are made from all natural ingredients, the sticks are cut from organic bamboo which is sourced from sustainable forests and these sticks are coated with a handmade blend of natural extracts and essential oils to give them their refreshing, sweet and spicy scent! The natural ingredients, pure extracts and bamboo wood create a clean burn and a wonderful, fragrant scent level which will fill your home.

These orange and cinnamon incense sticks are great for helping to bring balance to your sacral chakra, balancing your sacral chakra, this will help you to increase the amount of intimacy in your life, be it with friends and family or a lover.

This incense will leave you feeling relaxed as well as filling your home with the beautiful scents of fresh orange and spicy cinnamon!

Each stick measures 25cm approx.
Nautical sea shell and starfish design wax melt gift sets including either a starfish or seashell wax burner and one premium soy wax melt, made in the UK that comes in the shape of a beautiful starfish or sea shell. These lovely sea shell themed oil burner and wax burners are made from high quality, thick white ceramic, with each of them being finished with a blue sea shell or starfish design. The starfish design features a sea blue coloured starfish on the front in the centre of the burner, the starfish is textured with detailing like a real starfish. The sea shell design features a range of different sea shell designs, including clam shells all over the burner in the same lovely ocean blue colour. Both burners feature a darker deeper ocean blue colour for the wax melting pot at the top of each burner.

If you order the starfish design, you will receive one starfish shape soy wax melt that has the scent of sea salt and sage & if you buy the sea shell design, you will get one hand poured soy wax melt in the scent of sun washed linen and in the beautiful shape of an ammonite shell.

The burners have openings on the back to easily be able to put the tealight inside and take it out to replace it when needed with ease. The wax melt burners come in a beautiful nautical themed gift box with the soy wax melt placed in the top of the burner, within protection packaging. They make wonderful gifts for birthdays, house warmings, anniversaries and other occasions too!

Starfish - 11.5cm x 10cm x 10cm
Sea Shell - 11cm x 10cm x 10cm
Sage green colour terrazzo effect mini watering can, made from eco friendly bamboo wood which has been sourced from sustainable forests. This beautiful and contemporary watering jug is perfect for use watering small pots in the garden or houseplants in your home, this jug shaped watering can also makes a lovely statement piece of home decor when not in use, so can be left out next to your houseplants to bring some of its terrazzo charm to your home. The water jug comes in a lovely sage green colour with specks of light greys and cream coloured terrazzo patterning on it, which makes it look modern and charming. It's a wonderful little watering cup which will look lovely even when not in use!

The watering can and water jug comes in a wonderful and unique shape as well, with the jug forming a large curve from handle to spout. The handle and jug are tiled to an angle which makes it very unique, the jug has a long and thick handle for easy holding and the jug naturally curves from the handle into a wide spout - the shape of this watering jug really is both unique and lovely to look at.

Size of this watering can & watering jug is approx 14.7cm x 14.46cm x 8cm

Holds approx 250ml.
Charming rustic black board and chalk board which you can use to organise your life, this organisation board can be used as a to do list, to remember appointments, for a shopping list or to organise anything else in your life that you might wish to. You can also use it to remember all of your favourite recipes if the board is in the kitchen! The board is made from sustainably sourced and high quality paulownia wood and has a wonderful wooden houses design, modeled to look like the beautiful canal houses of Amsterdam which are also known as grachtenpand.

The board has a large black board area for you to write on it chalk and easily remember and organise the things you need to but the top has a decorative section with these beautiful canal houses sitting above the blackboard and are 3D. The houses are made from MDF and feature lovely windows and doors, along with a tree and sweet hearts scattered throughout the design as well to bring a cosy and loving homely feel to the board.

Size: H55cm x W34cm x D3cm.
Black board section measures H34cm x W29cm.
Ornate meditation Buddha zen garden, complete with a working water fountain feature, as well as a pebble garden and faux plant, complete with a sandy garden which is where you can place a tealight if you wish, as well as a mini rake to rake the sand however you prefer. This Buddha rock garden is going to relax you and help you to naturally meditate with little to no effort, just watching and hearing the water flow and looking at this peaceful and relaxing garden, guarded by a calm Buddha, will leave you feeling totally relaxed and de-stressed. The relaxing sound of the running water from the fountain trickling over the rock like water fall will bring such a sense of zen to your home or office space. Raking the sand, arranging the pebbles and plants and watching the lit tealight will give you a sense of accomplishment and leave you feeling so peaceful. The garden features a yin and yang design.

This zen garden is a perfect gift to give someone who needs a little calm and meditation, who might need a chance to take some quiet time to set up and enjoy this lovely pebble garden. The garden makes a wonderful office gift as it will keep the recipient relaxed and calm at work, no matter how busy or under pressure they are across their work day. It's a beautiful garden and really will bring peace to your home!

The garden includes a water feature with 2 pools, a praying Buddha statue, pebbles and a faux plant for a pebble garden, sand and a rake for the sandy part of the garden and a UK plug.

Size: H29cm x W23cm x D21cm

This item must be plugged into a power source for the water feature to work.
Cheerful yellow bee design reusable aluminium metal water bottle with a screw top lid, it also has a metal clasp to attach this water bottle to your trousers, belt or elsewhere to allow you to easily carry this bottle around with you as you exercise or go about your day. The yellow honey bee design makes for a really lovely design and the bottle is completely eco friendly as it is made from aluminium which gives the bottle a very long life! The metal water bottle is high quality and built to last, you will be able to use this water bottle for a long time and this will help reduce your use of plastic bottle massively.

This bee themed water bottle is an easy way to keep hydrated as the aluminium is very lightweight and you can easily carry it around with you as you travel throughout your day. The bottle is an easy way to swap out plastic for a more sustainable alternative.

The water bottle holds 500ml of water.

Size: H21cm x W6.5cm x D6.5cm

Large succulent and cactus candles in white ceramic pots, available in 3 unique styles and sure to brighten up and add a striking detail to any home. These unique cactus candles are handmade from wax and molded by hand into these beautiful succulent and cactus designs, completed with a cotton wick. These candles make wonderful and quirky decorations for shelves, mantlepieces and any other spaces around the home that could use some lightening up. These cactus candles really are super realistic and look just like the real thing, especially with the faux soil detailing underneath each candle.

These large cacti candles come in white ceramic pots and are available in 3 styles, one a deep purple colour with smooth and rounded leaves, another more spiky and cactus shaped green succulent with purple edges and another green cactus with longer and thinner rounded leaves. These candles make wonderful gifts.

Size 8.5cm x 8.5cm approx

These candles make wonderful decorations but can be burnt as well, they burn safely inside their pots.

Please note that there may be slight variations in design and size due to the handmade nature of these candles.

Please follow all fire safety precautions when burning candles. Never leave lit candles unattended for any length of time. Do not burn near flammable objects such as walls, doors or curtains. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. If flame becomes too large, extinguish with a damp cloth.

White and black ceramic flower vase with a contemporary silhouette design of a woman's body, the vase is tube shaped, with a small rounded base that expands into a rounded edge above and then into a long tuber shape with a wide opening at the top to display your flowers in. Due to the modern design of this vase, it makes a wonderful vase to display pampas grasses or dried flowers in, with the brown and cream colours pairing wonderfully with this black and white vase. The rounded and long shape of the vase are perfect for showing off your flowers, covering the stems and allowing the beautiful blooming heads of the flowers to be on full display.

The vase features a contemporary art like design of the silhouette of a woman's body from the back, with her shoulder slightly tiled backwards and her face slightly and gently glancing off to the side. You can make our her hair, arms and other details. The pose she is in is very feminine and will add charm to your home decor.

Size: 22cm x 9cm.
Top opening is approx 8cm wide.
The price is for one vase.

Due to the handmade nature of this vase, small imperfections may be present and these are not faults.
Mini colourful watering cans, made from strong iron and embossed with beautiful white washed flower designs. These small watering cans are great for watering indoor house plants and are also really good watering cans for children to use to encourage them to garden. These metal watering cans can alternatively also be used as mini plant pots and will add some colourful and rustic charm to your home, you can even pair the colour of the watering can to the flowers inside, for example, you could plant some lavender in the lilac coloured watering can to compliment it!

These colourful watering cans come in 3 different colours, they come in light yellow, lilac and a pastel pink colour as well. All of these are bound to look wonderful in your home or garden - these watering cans are so pretty that you can leave them out on display between uses.

Size: 22cm x 10cm x 10cm
22cm is from the end of the spout to handle.

These watering cans hold up to 2 and a half cups of water.

Due to the white wash finishing of the flowers and handmade nature of these watering cans, small imperfections may occur but these are not faults and are part of the charm of this handcrafted design.

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