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All natural mini soy wax tealight candles in a cubic bubble design, these candles make perfect decorations to place around the small spaces in your home. With their vibrant pastel colours, they will brighten up any space, including end tables, shelves, coffee tables or mantlepieces.

These candles are perfect for giving as wedding favours or for sprucing up tables at your wedding with some gentle colour.

The candles are all made from pure soy wax and are both biodegradable and vegan friendly.

Each candle is hand poured and handmade with love in our home studio here in Wales.

3cm x 3cm x 3cm approx


Pastel coloured square bubble candles in a unique cubic shape, made from pure soy wax which is both vegan friendly and 100% biodegradable.

These decorative candles come in a variety of gentle pastel colours and make perfect additions to dining tables, coffee tables, shelves or mantlepieces.

Although intended for decorative use, these candles can be burned and as they are made from natural soy wax, have a cleaner burn that most other candles.

These candles are handmade with love here in our home studio in Wales.

Price is for one candle.

6cm x 6cm x 6cm approx


This set of 3 handmade orange pumpkin candles make perfect autumnal decorations around your home, bringing a breeze of autumn air through your living space.

These pumpkin candles come in two scents, the first being the popular spiced pumpkin scent and the second being our Halloween magic scent, which has fragrances of pumpkin, coconut, cloves and other delightful autumn smells.

Each candle is lovingly made by hand using pure soy wax in our small home studio here in Wales.


This set of 3 Halloween pumpkin candles make perfect decorations in your home to bring in some of the autumn and Halloween spirit. These sweet natural, mocha and orange colour pumpkins will add a touch of whimsy to the small spaces in your home and also make great little centrepieces for coffee tables, mantlepieces and shelves.

These pumpkin shaped candles are unscented and are made from pure natural soy wax, which is both vegan friendly and biodegradable, with a lovely clean burn.

All of our pumpkin candles are hand poured and handmade at our home studio here in Wales.

Eco friendly hand rolled amber scent incense sticks, available to buy in sets of 10 sticks, 20 sticks or 30 sticks. The amber scent has been long used throughout history for spiritual and religious practices, as well as to help bring about calm and peace, the scent was traditionally derived from plant resin or ambergris, however, in modern times, the scent is made from a unique mixture of ingredients, with the primary one being resin from the labdanum plant. Amber is a musky, rich and spice driven scent, with tones of vanilla and patchouli in there as well. Our handmade amber incense sticks are made from a blend of natural extracts and essential oils, which are then coated onto organic bamboo sticks.

The organic bamboo is both sustainable and provides a clean burn whilst the natural ingredients provide a higher fragrance level, as well as a much better and more realistic scent, combined with a cleaner smell and clean burn. This incense is great for practicing mindfulness and to reduce anxiety.

Each stick measures 25cm approx.

Delicious apple and cinnamon scented soy wax candles, presented in lovely rustic glass jars and finished with a natural cork lid to finish the vintage inspired look. These candles are lovely all year 'round but the warming and cosy scent of the sweet apple and spiced cinnamon are perfect for Christmas time and the candles make fantastic stocking fillers! 

These candles are made from pure soy wax which gives a much better fragrance level and a cleaner burn than traditional wax. When lit, the candle's flame flickers across the edges of the glass pot which looks really beautiful and will make your home feel so cosy and warm! 

Please note that if you purchase the candles as a gift set of 2, then they come in a lovely kraft box with a transparent window.

Burning time of this soy candle is approximately 20 Hours. When trying to burn your soywax candle for longer period it is important to allow the candle to burn for approximately 2 hours on the first burn to allow your candle to create its initial memory burn. This will increase the scent throw and a full melt pool of wax. Always keep the wick in the centre.

Please make sure the wick is no longer than 5-10mm before using the candle (please trim before each use if necessary)

Natural ylang ylang incense sticks hand-rolled from organic bamboo, perfect for bringing a refreshing and pleasant scent to your home, also amazing incense sticks for using for yoga, meditation or prayer. These handmade incense sticks have the beautiful scent of ylang ylang which is a sweet essential oil which is made from the leaves of the tropical cananga tree which is native to parts of South and South East Asia in India, Malaysia and the Philippines. The incense has the most wonderful aroma and will leave you feeling totally calm and relaxed, bringing a calming atmosphere to your home. Each incense stick comes in a deep purple colour.

The incense has all been rolled by hand with each individual incense stick being handmade from all natural ingredients and fragranced using pure ylang ylang essential oil to give it a high aroma level.

Each stick measures 25cm approx.

Please follow all fire safety precautions when burning incense. Always burn incense in an incense stick holder or ash catcher on a heat proof surface. Never leave burning incense unattended for any length of time. Keep away from flammable surfaces such as walls, doors and curtains. Keep our of the reach of children and pets.
Hand rolled artisan made peach and mango scent incense sticks made from a blend of natural mango and peach extracts, pure essential oils and organic bamboo. These mango and peach incense sticks are made from all natural ingredients and are hand rolled onto organic bamboo sticks, sourced from small sustainable forests, sot hat you can be sure these incense sticks are eco friendly and sustainably made too. The scent levels of this peach and mango stick incense is really good and they smell fresh and summery, filling your home with the beautiful scents of the tropics!

This incense is a really great quality and has all been made from the finest blend of natural ingredients. The incense is available to buy in sets of 10 sticks, 20 sticks or 30 sticks.

Each incense stick measures approx 25cm in length.
Hand rolled dragon's blood scent incense sticks, made from organic bamboo sticks which have been coated in a mixture of pure essential oils and natural extracts for a beautiful fragrance and a high scent level. Dragon's blood scent is made from a blend of patchouli, vanilla, amber alongside citrus and floral extracts such as rose and jasmine - it is a very rich scent, less musky than amber and less sweet, with more of a refreshing and light smell to it. It's a really calming and refreshing scent, which will fill your home with the clean smells of jasmine, rose and vanilla, as well as the lovely hint of citrus.

These handmade incense sticks have all been made from organic bamboo, sourced from sustainable growers who are committed to protecting our planet. The sticks are then coated in a wonderful and all natural blend of essential oils and natural extracts to provide a beautiful fragrance with a good scent level.

These incense sticks are perfect for building a calming atmosphere. Dragon's blood has traditionally been used for banishing bad energy, it has been used for protection and also for healing so it's a great incense to burn to reduce anxiety too.

Each incense stick measure approx 25cm.

Fresh patchouli scented incense sticks, rolled by hand from a blend of natural extracts and pure essential oils, which are then coated onto organic bamboo sticks for a clean burn and wonderful scent level.

The patchouli scent is great for encouraging a calmer mood and bringing some inner peace to you and your home. Not only that, but the rich scent of patchouli is really lovely and will have your home smelling great! 


Fresh and floral jasmine scented incense sticks to bring a refreshing fragrance to your home. These hand rolled organic bamboo incense sticks have been made from an artful blend of pure jasmine essential oils and natural jasmine extracts, combined with the organic bamboo sticks for a clean burn and wonderful scent level. 

This refreshing jasmine incense is biodegradable and eco friendly, with the bamboo sticks being organic. Bamboo is a very sustainable material due to its fast growth and the fact it requires very little water to grow.


All natural and hand rolled apply & cinnamon scented incense sticks, with the fruity apple and spicy cinnamon scents blending together for a wonderful cosy scent. This scent is very popular around Christmas and the holiday season but is equally lovely to have around in the summer, with the apple smelling lovely and fresh for a hot summer day, as well as being cosy for a cold winter day!

These incense sticks are made from natural extracts and pure essential oils, which are then hand rolled into a blend and coated onto organic bamboo sticks for a clean burn.

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials due to its quick growth rate and the fact it requires very little water to grow, making these organic incense sticks very eco friendly. 

Decorative wavy and curvy tall pillar candle made from pure and eco friendly soy vegan wax, complete with a natural cotton wick. This cream coloured soy wax candle is a tall pillar candle and is unique with its wavy design, with rounded waves running from the top of the candle to the bottom. The candle is soy wax so is vegan friendly and is completely cruelty free. This unique Nordic home style candle is perfect for adding to your dinner tablescape or mantelpiece to add a finishing touch. The candle's geometric curvy design makes it a really interesting piece of home decor.

These candles are made by hand and so some slight variations may occur in the design. These candles are designed to be purely decorative candles, but can be burnt and will provide a cleaner burn than other candles due to the pure properties of the natural soy wax they are made from.

If you do decide to burn these candles, please follow all fire safety precautions. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Keep away from flammable surfaces such as walls, curtains and doors. Never leave a lit candle unattended for any length of time. If flame becomes too large, extinguish with a damp cloth.

Size: 23cm x 3cm
Organic bamboo cotton buds, packaged in a rustic glass jar with a lovely cork lid. These eco friendly, all natural and biodegradable ear buds are perfect for use in your bathroom, they have been made from all organic bamboo wood that has come from small family owned growers with soft organic cotton used for the tips. You will get 50 cotton buds per jar. The natural colours of the bamboo wood run through these lovely cotton buds, making them really natural looking and much more attractive than plastic cotton buds. The glass jar makes for a wonderful and tidy presentation, actually adding something to your bathroom as well as being useful.

The best benefit of the rustic glass jar is that you can easily keep the cotton buds tidy, you can add the cork stopper to keep them secure and it looks lovely with the natural hessian bow at the front. The glass jar also allows you to refill it easily when you buy more cotton buds (you can then just buy a refill from us and keep using the same jar!)

Using these bamboo cotton buds will help to reduce plastic waste and damage to the environment, helping conserve our planet.

50 cotton buds per bottle.
Handmade and all natural orange and cinnamon scent incense sticks, with the beautiful mixed scents of fresh citrus orange and sweet and spicy cinnamon. These incense sticks are made from all natural ingredients, the sticks are cut from organic bamboo which is sourced from sustainable forests and these sticks are coated with a handmade blend of natural extracts and essential oils to give them their refreshing, sweet and spicy scent! The natural ingredients, pure extracts and bamboo wood create a clean burn and a wonderful, fragrant scent level which will fill your home.

These orange and cinnamon incense sticks are great for helping to bring balance to your sacral chakra, balancing your sacral chakra, this will help you to increase the amount of intimacy in your life, be it with friends and family or a lover.

This incense will leave you feeling relaxed as well as filling your home with the beautiful scents of fresh orange and spicy cinnamon!

Each stick measures 25cm approx.
Hand carved 100% bamboo cooking utensil set, complete with different shaped spoons and spatulas for all of your cookery needs! This wooden cooking spoon and spatula set comes in a bamboo stem holder, made from a section of real bamboo stem that has been carved into a the perfect shape to hold all of your cooking spoons and utensils. The spoons and spatulas are also made from sustainably sourced bamboo.

In this set, you will receive one bamboo utensils holder, 2 bamboo cooking spoons, one with a hole in the middle and a pointed tip on one side and the other a regular round spoon as well as 2 wooden spatulas, one with 3 slits in the middle and the other a simple flat bamboo spatula. This set is the perfect core set to fulfill your cooking and serving needs.

Bamboo is not only sustainable, but is also water resistant, which means these utensils will last much longer and remain in a better condition. Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial, has a natural freshness and is hypoallergenic, so there's a whole host of benefits of using these utensils!

All 4 utensils measure 30cm in length.
Hand rolled organic incense sticks with a citronella scent, perfect for keeping away and repelling mosquitoes, midges and other pesky garden insects during the spring and summer months. These handmade incense sticks are made from sustainably sourced bamboo and coated in an artful blend of natural essential oils and natural ingredients, which give them their refreshing citronella scent. The natural ingredients and bamboo wood make these incense sticks very eco friendly and they burn very clean.

These incense sticks are the perfect way to keep your home and garden free from insects and mosquitoes this summer. Simply light 3 to 4 of these incense sticks and place them at different areas of your garden patio or decking and you'll notice that you won't have any horrible little mozzies paying you a visit! The scent of citronella drives them mad and you can be sure the incense will keep them away, just make sure to light enough for the space you want to keep them away from.

Not only do these incense sticks repel insects, but they also smell great and keep the space smelling fresh and cleansed.

Size: Each stick measures 25cm approx
All natural coconut scented incense sticks, made from the finest blend of natural ingredients and essential oils, as well as real coconut extracts, expertly hand rolled and set onto organic bamboo sticks for a clean burn. These tropical coconut scented incense sticks smell so refreshing and will bring the smell of summer into your home or garden, perfect for lighting on a warm spring or summer's evening. The incense has a very fresh and light scent and really does smell just like coconuts, bringing all the warmth of a tropical beach to your home.

These natural incense sticks are vegan friendly and have been made from sustainably sourced bamboo wood. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials around as it grows very quickly, does not require fertilisers or pesticides and hardly takes any water to grow, so you can enjoy your incense knowing you've also been kind to the planet through this purchase.

Each bamboo stick measures approx 25cm.
Hand rolled rose scented incense sticks, fragranced with a blend of essential oils and natural rose extracts and set onto an organic bamboo wood stick, which provides a high quality and clean burn, giving the incense a very natural scent of rose, combined with a really cleansing burn. These beautiful red incense sticks have a beautiful colour, just like the red or their rose flower counterparts and they look very striking.

The scent of roses that these incense sticks provide when burning is very natural and also very refreshing, it's a lovely scent and will leave your home feeling fresh and airy, full of the refreshed feeling of spring and the outdoors. The bamboo wood used for these incense sticks has been sourced from responsible growers and is very sustainable.

Each incense stick measures approx 25cm.

Hand carved coconut shell bowls which make the most wonderful breakfast bowls and cereal bowls, accompanied by a spoon made from coconut wood. This coconut bowl and spoon set is completely biodegradable at the end of life and has been hand carved from eco friendly and sustainably grown coconut shells and coconut wood. The coconut bowls have been carved from half a coconut shell and polished for a clean finish; all of the beautiful natural colours, swirls and imperfections of the coconut shell have been captured in these bowls. The spoons are really great too as they also have the fantastic grains and colours of the wood running through them.

These coconut shell bowls makes wonderful breakfast bowls for filling up with cereals or yogurt and mixed fruits and berries too but can equally be used for salads and smaller meals at lunchtime or for soups and broths at dinner time. These bowls really are wonderful and very unique and are sure to be a hit in your home!

All of the coconut shells and wood have been sourced from small family owned farms who are deeply committed to sustainability. The shells used for these bowls are waste products from coconuts harvested for other uses.

Please wash before use.
Hand wash these bowls only.

Please note that due to the natural shape of some of the coconut shells used to make these bowls, some of the bowls bases aren't flat and therefore move around a little and might not be suitable for use for children.

Due to the naturally occurring differences in size, shape and colour between coconuts, each bowls will be different and will vary slightly compared to the photos shown.

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