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These cast iron muddy boot cleaning brushes are the perfect outdoor brushes to clean off your dirty shoes, boots or wellies with before going into your home! These sturdy and weather resistant shoe brushes are made from high quality and heavy cast iron which makes them stable and rain and wind resistant. These lovely brown colours of the cast iron also give these outdoor boot brushes a wonderful rustic look that fit really well with country gardens and houses especially. These outdoor boot scraper are made with strong bristles which will make short work of any muck and mud on your footwear and are made from all natural fibres so there's no nasty plastic in these shoe brushes!

These wonderful rustic shoe cleaners come in 3 unique designs:

1) One is a watering can design with a lovely old fashioned metal watering can design with a black bristled brush.

2) Another is a very sweet and quirky hedgehog design that has an adorable cast iron hedgehog that is covered in the bristles, allowing you to run your shoes over the hedgehogs back and get them clean.

3) The final design is a detailed ornate rooster that stands proudly amongst some grass and has a brown bristle brush for cleaning your shoes with.

These brushes are really handy for cleaning off your shoes before stepping into your home & they're a godsend if you have kids or a larger family as you can simply leave these by your front or back door and let everyone quickly give their shoes a rub across these brushes and get their shoes all nice and clean - for kids it can even be fun with these lovely designs - especially the hedgehog brush!

Watering Can: 24.5cm 15.5cm x 20cm
Cockerel: 23cm x 16.5cm x 20cm
Hedgehog: 28cm x 15cm x 10cm
Wooden yellow beehive shaped bee and insect hotel. This wooden insect hotel has been made from sustainably and responsibly sourced wood from Forest Stewardship Council-approved and well-managed forests as certified by the FSC. This beehive shaped bee house really is the perfect bug nesting box to attract these very important pollinators to your garden! The yellow colour and beehive shape not only look fantastic in your garden but fit so well with the bees natural homes too. The range of different sized tubes inside have different sized holes running through them to emulate the inside of a real hive. The tubes inside are made from bamboo wood, one of the most sustainable kinds of wood. The outside is very strong and weather resistant as it has been coated in wonderful and colourful yellow paint.

This natural wooden bug hotel isn't only perfect for attracting the beloved honey bee but also a variety of other insects that will keep your garden healthy and bring you joy to see, such as lady birds, lacewings, woodlice and even some species of small spiders. These insects are all important to a healthy garden and to keep the environment healthy too - another reason this bug hotel has been made so sustainably.

Mini-beasts can then use your bug hotel as a safe space to shelter, lay their eggs, raise their young, and seek refuge from predators.

Although most people think that spring and summer are when you should set up insect hotels, many animals start looking for safe spaces in autumn in preparation to hibernate so it's the perfect time to attract these little beasties to your garden. Chances are, they will also return year after year to bring you intrigue and joy.

Size: 22cm x 24cm x 10cm

This beehive is made sustainably from bamboo wood.
This stainless steel & wood home BBQ set includes all of the barbecue tools that you need for the perfect home BBQ! Included in this Barbecue tool set is pair of BBQ tongs, a BBQ meat turner & a BBQ fork. This set of barbecue tools is made from quality stainless steel for easy care and cleaning and each tool has wooden handles for easy use & to protect from heat.

This barbecue grill tool set is the essential set of tools for any barbecue and gives you all the basics you need to cook some delicious meat on the BBQ! The tongs are great for use with thicker meat such as steaks and burgers and the spatula is perfect for turning over burgers too. The fork is really good for use with sausages and for poking into the middle of meat to make sure it's properly cooked.

We hope that you love your BBQ grill set!

Spatula: 35cm x 6cm approx
Tongs: 36cm x 5cm approx
Fork: 36cm x 3cm approx

This lovely cast iron, bronze coloured bird feeder is a wonderful addition to any garden and is sure to attract lots of lovely birds to come and eat in your garden. The rustic look of the cast iron makes this feeder perfectly suited to fitting the aesthetics of a garden and will look natural sitting amongst your flower beds, gravel beds or lawn. The feeder is a leaf design, completed with ridges to provide some extra details. A bird perches over the edge of the leaf to watch over your garden birds as they eat.

The leaf has a stem and stands securely on 3 small feet on the underside. The 3 feet keep this bird feeder steady and the heavy cast iron stops the feeder from being blown or knocked over. This feeder is quite small for a bath but you can choose to use it as a small bird bath for robins, sparrows and other small birds if you wish to! It's certainly the perfect shape for birds to come and enjoy a little wash in. Please note that a screwdriver is required for this item, all you need to do is attached the bird with a single screw (which is provided), it's very easy!

Size: L17cm x W16cm x H4cm
Bird: L11cm x H4cm


These wonderful handmade compost bins are made from reclaimed iron of a high quality, they are very sturdy bins and come with in several lovely colours! Each bin has a lovely glazed finish which makes it resistant to chipping and easy to clean too. They are made in a vintage inspired style to add a bit of flair to your kitchen or garden!

The compost bins featured two easy carry handles, one on either side as well as a secure lid which contains any smells and makes sure you don't have any accidental spillages if you knock your bin by mistake.

These cute compost bins are perfect for use with food waste or small amount of garden waste and are suitable for use indoors in your kitchen or out in your garden - they fit in really well aesthetically in both kitchens and gardens and look very attractive when used in either - we use the green in our garden and the cream inside!

The bins are available in light green, cream & grey.

Size: 21cm x 20cm x 20cm


This gorgeous bronze coloured cast iron bird feeder makes a wonderful addition to any garden and looks rustic and very sweet. The bird feeder is in the design of a bowl which has a kind of turtle shell design with ridges and a beautiful scalloped edge. The bird feeder can also be used as a small bird bath if you choose to use it as a bath for your birds, it is small but the perfect shape for little birds to come and enjoy a lovely soak.

Style 1 - The bird feeder is mounted on a small pedestal and is perfect for setting down in a flower bed, gravel bed or on your grass in a natural setting for the birds. The cast iron feeder is made from heavy cast iron which makes it secure and means it will never fall over in wind. The bird feeder featured two very sweet birds perching on either end of the bowl to watch over your garden birds and they make this feeder look very pretty! Please note that a screwdriver is required for this item, all you need to do is attached each bird and the pedestal with one screw each (which are provided), it's very easy!

Style 2 - The feeder is a leaf design, completed with ridges to provide some extra details. A bird perches over the edge of the leaf to watch over your garden birds as they eat. The lead has a stem and stands securely on 3 small feet on the underside. It will fit in beautifully in any garden.

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