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Set of 3 handmade and reusable eco friendly natural wool dryer balls to help speed up your tumble drying! These 100% felted wool dryer balls will help to speed up the drying time for your washing as it spins in your tumble dryer, they do this by helping to spread out and separate the laundry as they bounce around the machine, they help to soak up moisture from the clothes, evenly spread out the heat so some clothes aren't dry and some still soaked and will even help prevent a build up of static electricity. Being made completely from natural felted wool, these wool dryer balls are compostable and biodegradable as well as being reusable. You will get quite a lot of use out of these wool balls before they start to wear. Simply add these natural wool dryer balls to your wash and run your cycle as normal.

They will help to save you money and are energy saving as they improve efficiency of your tumble dryer, meaning you can run shorter cycles on lower heats. They can help to reduce drying times by up to 30% depending on the washing and are all natural and completely zero waste and plastic free. They also help to reduce wrinkles and creases as they spread out the clothes instead of allowing them to stick in a clump within the dryer, this helps reduce your ironing time too!

We recommend using 3 laundry dryer balls per 1-2kg loads of clothes / drying.

- Reusable, you'll get lots of use before they wear (up to 1000 drying cycles!)
- All natural and compostable / biodegradable.
- Improve drying times and efficiency, helping save you time and money on your energy bills.
- 100% plastic free and zero waste.
- Prevents static build up.
- Improves air flow during drying.
- Helps reduce creases and wrinkled by separating clothes during spins - reducing ironing time!
- Sustainable and natural alternatives to traditional dryer sheets.

You can store your balls in the dryer between cycles.

You can scent your wool dryer balls using a few drops of natural essential oils if you want to add a light scent to your drying, add a couple of drops of essential oil the day before you are drying and let the scent soak into the balls. When you use them the next day, you will smell the soft scents of the essential oils in your washing. Just be sure to be careful which essential oils to use, you don't want to spoil your washing!

Size: 7cm diameter per ball approx
Circumference 23cm approx

Unharmful for the environment and made from 100% wool, you can have peace of mind when using these balls. Not only are you contributing by using natural resources but you’re helping you and your family have healthy skin. There are no harmful substances in the balls helping to protect sensitive skin and family members with allergies.

Please note that dishcloth used in photos is for photos only and does not come included with these dryer balls.
Handmade all natural organic bamboo reusable straw complete with a lovely eco hessian bag and a coconut fibre cleaning brush for care of your straw. Bamboo straws are hygienic and long lasting so you can reuse them over and over again, rather than using single use plastic straws. Each straw is handmade from all eco friendly materials and are both washable and dishwasher safe. The straws are very robust and durable and are a great alternative to plastic straws. The bamboo used for the straws has been grown using absolutely no pesticides or harmful chemicals.

The eco friendly straw bag allows you to take your straws with you on the go, the bag has a draw string opening to keep your straw secure so you can take it out with you. The straw cleaner is made from metal with the brush being made from coconut fibre bristles which are again, all natural and eco friendly and the coconut fibre is just the right texture for use in the bristles and are perfect for cleaning your straws.

This is the perfect all in one eco straw set!
Handmade eco friendly organic cotton and bamboo make up remover rounds and reusable make-up pads. These sets of sustainable make up removal pads have been made from sustainably sourced organic cotton and natural bamboo fibres which have been made into ultra soft make up rounds to remove make up and help cleanse your face, also included in these sets are reusable bamboo terry pads which are great for a deeper cleanse. The pads are all reusable and machine washable and you also have the option to purchase these sets with a cotton eco wash bag which holds all of the pads securely in the washing machine to allow them to be cleaned without getting damaged in the spin.

Each set includes
5 black cotton and bamboo make make up remove pads
+ 1 white bamboo fibre terry pad for deep cleansing

And you have the option to buy the sets with or without the cotton eco wash bag for washing the pads with in your washing machine.

As these pads are reusable and machine washable, you will get so many uses out of them and they really are much better for your skin and the environment than wet wipes and make up removal wipes.

Our reusable eco make up removal rounds are intended for use with all skin types and on sensitive skin regions such as the eyes. Our plastic free bamboo microfiber terry pads are designed to give your skin a deeper clean & cleanse, remove stubborn makeup and exfoliate your skin.

9.3 Million wet wipes are flushed down the toilet every year in the UK alone. Make a sustainable switch to eco-friendly makeup pads today and start your zero waste journey!
Upcycled jute and cotton tote bags that are completely biodegradable and sustainably made - available in a natural colour, pink, blue and black, all of which have lovely netting designs and a long handle at the top for easy over the shoulder carrying. These natural and eco-friendly market style carrier bags are the perfect small step to take to start living a more sustainable life (plus, they will save you the charges on plastic carriers!)

Mesh bags help to keep the produce you carry inside dry and aerated as opposed to plastic bags which can often leave your fruit and vegetables damp suffocated. These tote bags look great too as well as being very useful and make lovely ways to carry around your shopping.

The blue bag is partly made from recycled denim too! Gently hand wash or machine wash these bags when you feel they need a little bit of sparkling up; simply wait for it to dry and it will be good as new, ready to go out with you shopping again.

Size: 65cm x 40cm x 1cm
£8.99 £9.99
Handmade soft knitted ladies hairbands in vintage 1950s housewife style with a twist knot in the front. These headbands are stretchy so have some give to fit the size of your head. They have been hand knitted using acrylic yarns which are super soft and will also keep your ears warm over the autumn and winter months. These hairbands are very vintage inspired and come in green, brown, purple and pink colours. Not only are these hair bands functional but they also make a style statement and look very pretty and feminine. The knotted twist in the front really does look elegant and very pretty!

These hair bands can be worn simply to add to your outfit and style or to keep your hair out of your face whilst going about your day to day duties at work or home. They're also really grate to use when you want to apply make up or a face mask and need your hair out of your way.

The brown and green colours have a little more give than the other colours as they have been made with a more stretchy yarn.

One size fits all.

Size: 23cm x 10cm approx
Handmade sustainable natural net carrier bags for carrying vegetables. These wonderful market style mesh produce bags are a very easy way to make a small change to living a more sustainable and eco friendly lifestyle. These net shopping bags are made from cotton and jute (the black one also contains some recycled denim) and are available in a variety of styles. These string shopping bags are so light and table up very little space whilst also being able to carry a lot of goods comfortable which make them easy to take out with you and very reliable bags. These bags are mesh and string with plenty of holes in them which helps aerate the food and keep it dry as opposed to plastic bags which can make your food moist.

String Bag:
This natural coloured cotton string bag comes with a short string handle that makes it perfect for easily carrying vegetables and other produce with the short handle being comfortable and avoiding this bag from dragging on the floor. This bag is 100% biodegradable.

Mesh Tote Bags:
These tote bags have string mesh bottoms with cotton jute top panels with long handles perfect for shoulder carrying. These attractive tote shoulder bags are ideal for carrying around markets whilst doing your food shopping (also work for other kinds of shopping). They are very strong and durable and come in rose, black, blue denim (made from recycled denim as well as cotton and jute) and finally in a natural colour.

String Bag:
55cm x 53cm x 1cm

Mesh Tote Bags:
65cm x 40cm x 1cm
These cotton canvas shoe bags are the perfect way to make sure you can always carry the perfect pair of shoes with you. These shoe bags are the perfect shoe storage solution and make carrying your extra pair of shoes very easy. These bags are also really handy for packing shoes into your travel bags. Each bag has is labelled for a different pair of shoes, for example we have the smart shoes bag for carrying an extra pair of shoes should you need to go somewhere fancy! You never know when you might need some extra shoes and these emergency shoe bags are the perfect solution to carrying them with you on the go.

We have the sports kicks bag if you need a bag to carry around a pair of sport shoes in, we have the sensible shoe bag which you can use to carry a nice flat pair of shoes for your nights out (which let's face it, is going to come in very handy!)

Each bag has a whimsical phrase on the front and labels exactly what the bag is for. These are quality cotton canvas bags that are complete with black zips with lovely tassels on them to complete their cute aesthetic. They really do make the perfect accessory bags!

Size: 41cm x 44cm
£9.99 £12.99

These handmade hessian elephant bags feature lovely black elephant print designs on soft washed jute, the elephant designs are screen printed onto the bags by skilled craftsmen. As well as elephant designs, the bags also have wonderful pretty patterns screen printed on them too which really finishes them nicely and makes them look very pretty.

These hessian bags are strong as well as soft and are great for taking around with you day to day, they're great for holding your phone, wallet, purse and keys! The bags also feature a lovely white fringe made from soft white frayed fabric which really does add a wonderful finishing touch!

They are really lovely and relaxed looking bags and feature a lovely quality PVC (112cm) leather effect strap that completes the natural look of the bag. These bags are handmade ethically in India from sustainable sources. They're great for anyone who has a love for majestic elephants! These bags are also vegan friendly!

Bag size: H:24cm x L:20cm


These cute and quirky avocado notebooks are a great gift, the notebooks are A5 size and come with lined paper, they are easy to carry around in a bag or handbag and are adorable and useful at the same time! They are a great little gift for cheering someone up or putting a smile on their face. Each notebook / notepad has unique and adorable avocado on the cover to brighten up your work & bring some levity to your day.

They are great for using to take notes, for use as diaries or for use as a workbook. They are really light and easy to carry around which makes them really good for students or for creatives who like to jot down inspiration on the go!

The notebooks all have cute sayings on them and come in four varieties with the following text on the cover:
1) "Hey hey!"
2) "Hi i'm Avocado"
3) "You complete me"
4) "I am not weird, I am a unicorn"

Size: 21cm x 14cm

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