Our product range of aromatherapy items includes handmade incense cones, hand rolled incense sticks, natural aromatherapy bath salts, wax melts, incense burners & more

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These hand made bath salts are the perfect way to find some stress relief and kick back and take some respite from the stresses of your day. They have been handmade using the finest quality ingredients which include an artful blend of sea salt and gorgeously scented natural essential oils as well. In particular, for this salt we have used a blend of bergamot, geranium and vetiver oils which all aid in relaxation and rejuvenation. These bath salts are the perfect way to shake off your stress and wind down for bed at night.

They make a really lovely gift to others who you know need to de-stress or as a treat for yourself!

They come in lovely and natural hessian bags which decompose naturally. Clear your mind and relax now with these gorgeous bath salts!

For 12 bags, the bath salts will come in a large & attractive kraft bag with a small window in it.

Total detox pure essential oil bath salts made from all natural ingredients to allow you to relax and give your body and mind a full detox and refresh. Made with the beautiful scents of May Chang, Tea Tree & Juniper, these natural homemade bathsalts are designed to give your body and mind a full detox and wind down and help you to let go of any stresses, worries and pains that you ate currently experiencing. When you take an aromatic bath with these bath salts, we want you to know you'll be leaving the bath a different person than when you entered, feeling freer and fresher and with less of life's baggage holding you down.

This aromatherapy bath potion is made with an artful blend of pure essential oils and sea salt.

They are the perfect gift to give to your loved ones or to treat yourself. This bath potion will relax your body, energise and clear your mind and is good for your skin too!

For 12 baths, the bath salts will come in a large & attractive kraft bag with a small window in it, and not the mini hessian bags.

Aromatic heart shaped soy wax melts in a variety of gorgeous fragrances including lime basil and mandarin scent, fresh linen scent, vanilla creme scent and velvet rose and oud scent. These lovely heart shaped wax melts are made from high quality and eco friendly soy wax, which is both much cleaner and healthier to burn, as well as having a more natural and better fragrance level. The wax melts will fill your home with their fresh scents and have the place feeling warm and cosy.

The wax melts come in one piece in a snap bar so you can break off one of the wax melts each time you need to melt one. Each wax melt snap bar contains 6 individual heart shaped wax melts.

As well as coming in a variety of scents, each scent also has it's own colour so you can have them in pink, orange, pastel yellow or white.

These wax melts are suitable for use with both electrical and tealight wax burners.

Size: 11cm x 7.5cm x 3cm


Handmade all natural Californian White Sage scented incense cones which are a perfect way to freshen your home and cleanse the atmosphere around you. The incense has a gentle smell and is known for its calming effects, it's a soothing smell which is really refreshing and will have your home smelling wonderful.

White Sage is often used to cleanse spaces, houses, rooms or environments of any kinds of negative energies. It is also used to cleanse the aura of a person from old energy and to relieve the pressures of daily life.

These incense cones are the perfect self-love treat when you are feeling like you need a little pick me up and when you want to freshen up your home, energies and life a little bit.

These gorgeous incense cones come in a lovely natural jute drawstring bag for safe keeping. You can buy the incense cones in sets of 5, 10 or 15 cones! The set of 15 incense cones will come with a small burner plate.

Always place on a heatproof mat. Use good quality incense cones. Never leave unattended when lit, and keep away from walls, curtains & other flammable objects. If flame becomes dangerous extinguish with a damp cloth. Keep out of reach of children & pets.


These beautifully scented and handmade bath salts make a wonderful addition to your bath when you need to unwind from a hard day and let go of some of the troubles of your day. These bath salts are made from a lovely blend of natural sea salt & essential oils and have the wonderful blended scent of lavender, orange and basil. They really do smell highly refreshing and are sure to leave your feeling more at ease and free after a good soak.

These bath salts are the perfect addition to a holistic healing approach and will leave you feeling much better as they relax your body and energise and clear your mind. To use these aromatherapy bath salts, simply add 2 or 3 teaspoons of the salt to a warm bath and wait for the gorgeous scents to fill the air. Once you get into the bath, they will get to work putting your muscles and mind at ease.

If you buy 1 to 6 baths, the salt comes in a lovely, natural jute drawstring bag.
For 12 bags, the bath salts will come in a large & attractive kraft bag with a small window in it.


These gorgeous handmade 'wake up' aromatherapy baths salts are scented using natural essential oils and smell of a beautiful mixture sweet grapefruit, fresh peppermint & lovely may chang that is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and fully awake! These bath salts have been handmade using all natural sea salt & the highest quality essential oils to be kind to your skin, body and mind.

Simply add 2 or 3 teaspoons of this beautiful aromatherapy bath salt to your warm bath and breathe in the wonderfully refreshing scents of the grapefruit, peppermint & may chang as your body soaks in the goodness of the essential oils and sea salt.

After taking a bath in these salts, you're sure to be feeling full of energy, refreshed and fully awake again! These bath salts will give you the full aromatherapy bath experience.

If you buy 1 to 6 baths worth of salt, the salt comes in natural jute drawstring bags.
For 12 bags, the bath salts will come in a large & attractive kraft bag with a small window in it.


A beautiful luxurious boutique set containing a gorgeous reed diffuser in a pretty geometric shaped bottle & a gold colour lid with two hand poured & beautifully scented candles in glass containers. This gift set is the perfect present to give a loved one for their birthday, house warming, anniversary or as a treat for yourself! Each set comes in a stunning scent that will warm and refresh your home wonderfully.

Each gift set comes in a lovely, sleek gift box with really pretty gold foil pattern embossed on it to give the box a real premium finish.

Available in four different fragrances:
- Lime Basil and Mandarin
- Black Knot Pomegranate Mist
- Peony & Blush
- White Birch & Sandalwood

Bottle size : 7 cm approx
Reeds : 18 cm

Always place candles on a heatproof mat. Never leave unattended when lit, and keep away from walls, curtains & other flammable objects. If flame becomes dangerous extinguish with a damp cloth. Keep out of reach of children & pets.


These eucalyptus scented bath salts make the perfect home remedy to treat cold and flu with. Simply add some of this bath salt to your warm bath, relax and soak in and let the salts work their magic to heal you and get you back to being fighting fit! These bath salts have been handmade using the highest quality natural essential oils and natural healing sea salt.

The salts contain a mixture of eucalyptus for promoting your healing process with its natural antimicrobial and antiviral properties (it also is great for clearing your nasal passages), ginger for its healing properties that help reduce inflammation and numb pain, as well as it's antibacterial properties & blackpepper to alleviate your cold symptoms such as congested nasal passages, boost immunity and reduce inflammation.

These gorgeously scented and very effective bath salts will reduce and fight off your cold and flu symptoms and have you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed in no time!

For 12 bags, the bath salts will come in a large & attractive kraft bag with a small window in it. 

Handmade and all natural orange and cinnamon scent incense sticks, with the beautiful mixed scents of fresh citrus orange and sweet and spicy cinnamon. These incense sticks are made from all natural ingredients, the sticks are cut from organic bamboo which is sourced from sustainable forests and these sticks are coated with a handmade blend of natural extracts and essential oils to give them their refreshing, sweet and spicy scent! The natural ingredients, pure extracts and bamboo wood create a clean burn and a wonderful, fragrant scent level which will fill your home.

These orange and cinnamon incense sticks are great for helping to bring balance to your sacral chakra, balancing your sacral chakra, this will help you to increase the amount of intimacy in your life, be it with friends and family or a lover.

This incense will leave you feeling relaxed as well as filling your home with the beautiful scents of fresh orange and spicy cinnamon!

Each stick measures 25cm approx.
Nautical sea shell and starfish design wax melt gift sets including either a starfish or seashell wax burner and one premium soy wax melt, made in the UK that comes in the shape of a beautiful starfish or sea shell. These lovely sea shell themed oil burner and wax burners are made from high quality, thick white ceramic, with each of them being finished with a blue sea shell or starfish design. The starfish design features a sea blue coloured starfish on the front in the centre of the burner, the starfish is textured with detailing like a real starfish. The sea shell design features a range of different sea shell designs, including clam shells all over the burner in the same lovely ocean blue colour. Both burners feature a darker deeper ocean blue colour for the wax melting pot at the top of each burner.

If you order the starfish design, you will receive one starfish shape soy wax melt that has the scent of sea salt and sage & if you buy the sea shell design, you will get one hand poured soy wax melt in the scent of sun washed linen and in the beautiful shape of an ammonite shell.

The burners have openings on the back to easily be able to put the tealight inside and take it out to replace it when needed with ease. The wax melt burners come in a beautiful nautical themed gift box with the soy wax melt placed in the top of the burner, within protection packaging. They make wonderful gifts for birthdays, house warmings, anniversaries and other occasions too!

Starfish - 11.5cm x 10cm x 10cm
Sea Shell - 11cm x 10cm x 10cm
Home total detox bath salt set, with handmade bath salts to give you a full mind and body detox, made from high quality essential oils and natural sea salts. The bath salts come in a lovely glass mason jar with a rustic cork lid to keep your bath salts dry and easy to store. These bright orange bath salts are made using all natural essential oils that give them the most wonderful refreshing scents of May Chang, Tea Tree & Juniper, which will relax you and allow your body and mind to completely detox of all the stress, toxins and negativity you might be carrying around with you. Simply add 2-3 teaspoons of these bath salts to your bath for a detoxing and relaxing soak.

The glass mason jar is the perfect way to keep your bath salts as it keeps them fresh and preserves their scent, whilst also looking interesting and adds a touch of colour to your bathroom as you can see the bright orange bath salts inside.

These bath salts make a lovely gift to someone who needs a bit of tender love and care or perhaps who is struggling with their mental health. They also make a really lovely self-care treat - each time you take an aromatic bath with these salts, you'll be sure to leave the bath feeling like a new person.

Bottle size: 10cm x 6cm (150ml capacity)

Please note that the scoop and tray shown in the photos are for display purposes only and do not come with the bath salts.
All natural handmade nagchampa scented snap bars in 6 unique and refreshing scents that will have you and your home feeling rejuvenated. These nag champa wax melt bars have 6 wax melt sized cells in each pack and are easy to snap off one at a time - you can even use half a chunks worth if you want a gentler scent level.

The nag champa wax melts are made using pure essential oils and natural extracts and come in 6 wonderful scents, all based around nag champa. The 6 scents of wax melt available are Patchouli, Black Opium, Sandalwood, Pure Nag Champa, Amber and Nirvana. All of them have their own unique smells and all have a base note of nag champa.

Suitable for use with all standard wax melt burners.

Snap bar sizes: H11.5cm x W8cm x D2.5cm
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