Our range of handmade cotton bags including patterned backpacks, sling bags, student bags, over the shoulder bags & more. We have a selection of natural ethically produced bags with beautiful ethnic designs.

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These cotton canvas shoe bags are the perfect way to make sure you can always carry the perfect pair of shoes with you. These shoe bags are the perfect shoe storage solution and make carrying your extra pair of shoes very easy. These bags are also really handy for packing shoes into your travel bags. Each bag has is labelled for a different pair of shoes, for example we have the smart shoes bag for carrying an extra pair of shoes should you need to go somewhere fancy! You never know when you might need some extra shoes and these emergency shoe bags are the perfect solution to carrying them with you on the go.

We have the sports kicks bag if you need a bag to carry around a pair of sport shoes in, we have the sensible shoe bag which you can use to carry a nice flat pair of shoes for your nights out (which let's face it, is going to come in very handy!)

Each bag has a whimsical phrase on the front and labels exactly what the bag is for. These are quality cotton canvas bags that are complete with black zips with lovely tassels on them to complete their cute aesthetic. They really do make the perfect accessory bags!

Size: 41cm x 44cm
£9.99 £12.99

These handmade hessian elephant bags feature lovely black elephant print designs on soft washed jute, the elephant designs are screen printed onto the bags by skilled craftsmen. As well as elephant designs, the bags also have wonderful pretty patterns screen printed on them too which really finishes them nicely and makes them look very pretty.

These hessian bags are strong as well as soft and are great for taking around with you day to day, they're great for holding your phone, wallet, purse and keys! The bags also feature a lovely white fringe made from soft white frayed fabric which really does add a wonderful finishing touch!

They are really lovely and relaxed looking bags and feature a lovely quality PVC (112cm) leather effect strap that completes the natural look of the bag. These bags are handmade ethically in India from sustainable sources. They're great for anyone who has a love for majestic elephants! These bags are also vegan friendly!

Bag size: H:24cm x L:20cm

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