Yellow Bee Water Bottle - Reusable Metal Water Bottle
Cheerful yellow bee design reusable aluminium metal water bottle with a screw top lid, it also has a metal clasp to attach this water bottle to your trousers, belt or elsewhere to allow you to easily carry this bottle around with you as you exercise or go about your day. The yellow honey bee design makes for a really lovely design and the bottle is completely eco friendly as it is made from aluminium which gives the bottle a very long life! The metal water bottle is high quality and built to last, you will be able to use this water bottle for a long time and this will help reduce your use of plastic bottle massively.

This bee themed water bottle is an easy way to keep hydrated as the aluminium is very lightweight and you can easily carry it around with you as you travel throughout your day. The bottle is an easy way to swap out plastic for a more sustainable alternative.

The water bottle holds 500ml of water.

Size: H21cm x W6.5cm x D6.5cm

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