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Hand carved solid wood wine bottle holder with a variety of animal designs. This balancing wine rack has a flat wooden base which climbs up into a curve with a circular hole in it, the base of the wine holder holds the bottom of the bottle where the circle at the top is made for the neck of the bottle to sit in to support the weight of the bottle and allow it to balance, making this wine rack really unique. The hand carved animal designs are added to the top of the holder and add a lovely ornate feel to these wine holders, making them something a bit more special and adding a nice whimsical touch to them.

The wood for these wine holders has been sustainably grown and the natural finish of the wood makes these wine holders look spectacular, with the dark colours and grains of the wood running all the way through the wine holders. If you don't drive, they are perfect for use with olive oil bottles, chilli oils or any other cooking oils you may use. They look great as a centrepiece on a table when entertaining guests and will be sure to delight!

Each wine holder is a magic gift for any occasions. In natural wood finish looks they are perfect for country style gifts or any of animal loving friend you have.

They are all painstakingly carved from one piece of wood, making for nice detail and a better wine holder.

Note: This is a very rare product where our artisans can only make a limited quantity, so we can't guarantee to be always in stock.

Dimensions - 26cm x 6cm x 4cm

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