Wooden Squirrel Feeder - Gifts for gardener - Squirrel House

This handmade wooden squirrel feeder provides a cosy and natural looking place for your garden squirrels to come and enjoy a lovely snack in, away from the weather outside. The squirrel feeder is made from high quality wood and is covered in natural bark to complete the natural look, allowing it to look attractive in your garden and blend in, as well as being very inviting to your squirrels! The little squirrel house feeder has a front door on it which you can pull down when there is food inside so they can sit on the door and peek inside and take food & you can close when the feeder is empty. * Can also be used as a bird feeder.

This feeder is strong and secure so there's no need to worry about it getting damaged by the squirrels or weather. This squirrel house feeder will keep your squirrels well fed and sheltered from the Great British rain! The feeder comes with a natural twine string that allows you to securely hang it from a tree or fence post. The feeder is best placed near trees so that your squirrels have easy access to it. This feeder has been made sustainably and with the environment in mind.

Size: 16cm x 15xm x 15cm

Note: Please ensure this feeder is securely fitted before use and is in a space that is safe from predators. Place some food on the platform door to entice your squirrels to come and explore! Please make sure to top up regularly for your squirrels and remove uneaten or wet food to avoid mold, mildew or bacterial build up. Clean regularly with a mild, animal safe disinfectant.

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