Kitchen Wooden Shelf Unit With Tea/Coffee/Sugar Jars
Solid wooden kitchen storage unit with drawers and ceramic matching tea, coffee and sugar canisters.
Available in two unique, vintage styles.

Type A :
This wooden kitchen drawer unit comes with 3 pigeon hole sized kitchen storage drawers set in a wooden unit which can be wall mounted using the built in metal wall brackets on the back or can simply be stood on a kitchen counter-top and used as counter storage.

This storage unit is perfect for keeping small and important bits and bobs from around your kitchen space to keep them safe. This rustic style wooden display unit is sure to be a great looking addition to your kitchen space. The drawers in this unit each have a ceramic handle for easy opening as well as a slot in each drawer for a note card so you can label what you keep inside.

The drawer has a display rack on top which holds a wonderful set of ceramic tea, coffee and sugar jars which have mango wood lids which match the wood from the drawer cabinet unit. The mango wood lids are completed with round ceramic handles. These tea and coffee storage jars have rubber seals on the lids to keep them airtight and ensuring your tea, coffee and sugar all remain dry and fresh.

Measurements: 37cm x 27cm x 14.5cm
The jars measure 15cm x 10cm x 10cm

Type B:
This style is very similar to the above with the drawers underneath and the beautiful ceramic tea, coffee and sugar jars on the top. This style however, sees both the front and back of the jars surrounded by vintage style wire mesh which brings in an absolutely beautiful vintage look to this kitchen storage jar unit. The wooden drawers have ceramic knobs and metal name holders.

Overall size is 26cm x 34cm x 12cm
The internal drawer measurements are 8cm x 8cm x 8cm.

The drawer unit and storage jar lids are made from sustainably sourced wood.

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