White Line Art Flower Vase - Ceramic Vases
White and black ceramic flower vase with a contemporary silhouette design of a woman's body, the vase is tube shaped, with a small rounded base that expands into a rounded edge above and then into a long tuber shape with a wide opening at the top to display your flowers in. Due to the modern design of this vase, it makes a wonderful vase to display pampas grasses or dried flowers in, with the brown and cream colours pairing wonderfully with this black and white vase. The rounded and long shape of the vase are perfect for showing off your flowers, covering the stems and allowing the beautiful blooming heads of the flowers to be on full display.

The vase features a contemporary art like design of the silhouette of a woman's body from the back, with her shoulder slightly tiled backwards and her face slightly and gently glancing off to the side. You can make our her hair, arms and other details. The pose she is in is very feminine and will add charm to your home decor.

Size: 22cm x 9cm.
Top opening is approx 8cm wide.
The price is for one vase.

Due to the handmade nature of this vase, small imperfections may be present and these are not faults.

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