These lovely space notebooks with stars and constellations on are a great gift, they are A5 SIZE and come with lined paper, they are easy to carry around in a bag or handbag and are adorable and useful at the same time! They are fantastic for anyone who likes space and the cartoon effect artwork is really well done and makes these notebooks very pretty.

They are great for taking casual notes, for a diary, for school, college or uni work or to jot a few ideas down in work meetings! Each one of the four has a slightly different design too, each one with its own selection of planets, stars and constellations on it. Each one has the text 'the sky is the limit' on it to keep reminding you to aim high.

They are a great little gift for someone or a treat for yourself!

If you select a set of 2, please message us to choose which designs you would like, otherwise we will send a random pair. 

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