Beautiful wood style garden bird house complete with a bird perch below the opening, a white picket fence along the bottom to provide a cosy homely feel and a unique decorative window on each side of the bird house; allowing the birds to be able to look outside from the safety of their bird house. This garden bird house and garden bird nesting box comes with a clean and modern white base and a white roof, with a shabby finished body to suit your garden and make the birdhouse look natural. The bird house comes in 2 colours, one is a garden green colour and the other is a natural woody colour.

The bird house has a round entrance at the front to allow the birds to come in and out of the bird house as they please. The walls of the house are nice and thick so will keep the birds lovely and warm inside. There is a built in hook on top of the bird house with a sturdy jute string attached, allowing you to easily hang the birdhouse on a tree or fence post.

Size: 23cm x 16cm x 12cm

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