Rainbow Bamboo Cutlery Set - Sustainable Travel Cutlery Pack - Picnic Set - LGBT Homeware Gifts
Handmade eco-friendly and reusable bamboo wood cutlery sets, including a bamboo knife, fork, spoon, a 2 bamboo chopsticks, a bamboo straw and a bamboo straw cleaner, all wrapped in a recycled canvas pouch, featuring a beautiful multi-coloured LGBT rainbow. This bamboo cutlery set makes a perfect travel cutlery set and a great camping cutlery set too! Each piece of bamboo cutlery fits nearly into a pouch inside the rainbow canvas bag, with a different sized compartment for each piece of cutlery. Each cutlery piece is held in the canvas by a stretchable band.

The beautiful rainbow on the canvas wrap that the cutlery sits inside of has all 6 colours of the Gay pride flag rainbow and is a great and subtle way to show off your LGBT pride. They're great for using at festivals or for use over gay pride celebrations! The canvas wrap is secured with a button clasp.

Bamboo is naturally very clean and has anti-bacterial qualities so you can be sure you're eating from a hygienic set of cutlery. Bamboo is one of the most sustainably materials there is as it takes very little water to grow and requires no pesticides or fertilisers. Not only this, it grows extremely fast and can be replaced very quickly.

Benefits of bamboo:
- Eco friendly material.
- Compostable and biodegradable at the end of life.
- Antibacterial.
- Hypoallergenic.
- Has natural freshness.

The cutlery should be washed in hot soapy water.
The fabric holder is machine washable.

Pouch 22cm x 6cm x 2cm
Straw 20cm
Fork 18.5cm x 2.5cm x 0.5cm
Spoon 20cm x 3.5cm x 0.5cm
Knife 18.5cm x 5cm x 0.3cm
Chopstick 20cm
Brush 20cm

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