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These wonderful upcycled molten glass jars & glass vases make unique and wonderful additions to any kitchen or dining space. The glass is hand-blown and while still hot it is then relaxed over a piece of Gamal root, the glass then hardens to the shape of the wood ensuring a perfect fit. The designs are carefully selected by our team here at the Tiny Stall & they are crafted using a natural product by using hand tools in the traditional Balinese way. It provides a one-of-a-kind setting for stones and air plants, cut flowers or a wine decanter. Not only is it artisan crafted but also really natural with the wood and makes such an interesting focal point whilst entertaining guests. It can fit into both rustic and contemporary homes.

The molten parts of the glass really do look so beautiful over the natural Gamal roots wood, they make really unique and pretty ornaments as well as being practically useful. The vase makes a very pretty ornament and the jug makes a wonderful decanter and conversation piece when entertaining guests.

These come in two styles, one is a beautiful vase and the other a very unique water & wine decanter.

Bring nature inside with these absolutely beautiful (and affordable) natural works of art.

Please note: That due to the handmade nature of this product, there can be small imperfections in the glass such as small bubbles and light scratches.

Molten Glass on Wood Vase:

Small 19x10x25 (cm)

Medium 17x10x25 (cm)

Large 20x14x30 (cm)

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