Love Heart Small Oil Burner in White

This sweet wax burner & oil burner features a wonderful and cute love heart carved on it with the word 'love' carved within the heart. It's a rustic style burner with lovely glazed cream coloured ceramic which makes it feel and look very high quality, this is enhanced by the very silky and shiny glazing on the burner which makes it look very pretty & very east to care for & clean.

The wax melter & oil burner really does make a lovely and very sweet addition to any home, it's very lovely to look at and at the same time, will fill your home with the most gorgeous and fresh scents. This burner features a cut out at the back to place the tealight inside. The burners glazed finish allows the flickering flame of the tealight to dance beautifully across the ceramic. T

he burner measures 8cm x 6.5cm x 6.5cm approx.

Please note that colouring may vary between white and off-white.

Please follow all fire safety precautions whilst using this burner. Never leave unattended and always keep our of the reach of children and pets. Always place burner on a heat proof matt. Never place near flammable objects or surfaces. Always use an appropriately sized and high quality tealight.

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