Jug Oil Burner with Spout - White & Sage Green Ceramic Oil Burner

Very unique oil burners and wax melt burners that have a tealight holder in the bottom and a pouring jug on top with an easy lift handle, this jug is where you will add your fragrance oils or wax melts to burn. These lovely and very different style oil and wax burners come in both white and a wonderful sage green colour, depending on your preferences.

These oil & wax burners are made from 100% high quality ceramic and are very thick. They feature a pouring jug with a handle for easy lifting off of the top of the tealight holder and have a tealight holder underneath to insert the candle into to heat up your wax melts or essential oils. The tealight holder has an opening in the back for you to easily be able to add the candle into.

The pouring jug design sets this burner apart from the rest and gives it a really interesting look. These burners look very homely and cosy and are really lovely additions to any home!

Size: 12cm x 9cm x 8cm

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