Heart Shaped Double Scent Oil Burners in Grey, White & Black
Ceramic oil burners with a heart shaped and a double burning dish at the top so that you can burn two fragrances at the same time, allowing you to mix two unique scents together, available in black, grey or white. These heart shaped wax melt burners are made from quality ceramic which has been finished with a silky glaze, making it look glossy and easy to care for, whilst also making is resistant to scratches. The centre of the heart shape is hollow which allows the tealight candle to be placed within it to heat the oils or wax melts in the dish above.

What's unique about this lovely heart shaped burner, is that you can burn two separate fragrances at the same time, meaning you have the ability to easily mix many different scents, filling your home with beautiful aromas!

Size 13.5cm x 16cm approx

Please follow all fire safety precautions when using these oil burners. Always place burner on a heatproof matt. Keep out of the way of children and pets at all times. Always place well away of any flammable surfaces including walls, curtains and other objects. Never leave unattended. Always use a good quality tealight. If flame becomes too large, extinguish with a damp cloth.

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