These cute and quirky avocado notebooks are a great gift, the notebooks are A5 size and come with lined paper, they are easy to carry around in a bag or handbag and are adorable and useful at the same time! They are a great little gift for cheering someone up or putting a smile on their face. Each notebook / notepad has unique and adorable avocado on the cover to brighten up your work & bring some levity to your day.

They are great for using to take notes, for use as diaries or for use as a workbook. They are really light and easy to carry around which makes them really good for students or for creatives who like to jot down inspiration on the go!

The notebooks all have cute sayings on them and come in four varieties with the following text on the cover:
1) "Hey hey!"
2) "Hi i'm Avocado"
3) "You complete me"
4) "I am not weird, I am a unicorn"

Size: 21cm x 14cm

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