Colourful Wooden Matchsticks - Eco Friendly Matches
A set of approximately 120 multi coloured handmade wood matchsticks that come in a wonderful decorative glass bottle with a cork lid. These natural eco friendly matches make a rustic addition to your home, as well as being extremely useful around the house. They are great for lighting all of your candles at home and the bottom of the glass bottle these matches come in even has a handy strike pad so you can light your matches as you go.

The matches are all handmade from wood and are all made sustainably and from responsibly sourced wood. The bottoms of the matches are all different colours and amongst your match stick set, you'll get approximately 40 (120 in total) of each coloured match - that's blue, green, yellow and red.

The glass bottle is finished with a sweet hessian string bow. They really are a lovely addition to any home and are much nicer to have around than a box of matches. The cork lid keeps them all securely within the bottle when you don't need them, too.

Size with cork: 14.5cm x 6cm

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