Handmade colourful rainbow dreamcatchers that come in 4 unique styles, with tassels, feathers, a 7 web dreamcatcher and a large rainbow dreamcatcher. These dreamcatchers are perfect for brightening up a bedroom and add a lovely beam of colour which is sure to bring joy and happiness to the room - they are really grate for children's bedrooms as they put their minds at ease that they won't have nightmares and also are lovely for your kids to look at too.

Dreamcatchers are traditional Native American art forms typically hung over cradles or beds for protection. The intricately woven string replicates the web of a spider and is thought to capture evil.


- Tassel Dreamcatcher: This vibrant dreamcatcher is sure to brighten up any room with its cheerful rainbow of colours and beautiful tassels.
Size: H80cm x W27cm x D1cm

- Rainbow Arch Dreamcatcher: This modern dreamcatcher is shaped like a rainbow and will add a cheerful pop of colour to a child's room.
Size: H90cm x W30cm x D1cm

- White & Feather Dreamcatcher: This striking dreamcatcher features a white web with vibrant rainbow accents.
Size: H95cm x W27cm x D1cm

- 7 Web Dreamcatcher: This dreamcatcher features a large dreamcatcher web at the top and then 6 smaller ones dangling below it, making up a wonderful rainbow of colours.
Size: H90cm x W16.5cm x D1cm

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