These cast iron muddy boot cleaning brushes are the perfect outdoor brushes to clean off your dirty shoes, boots or wellies with before going into your home! These sturdy and weather resistant shoe brushes are made from high quality and heavy cast iron which makes them stable and rain and wind resistant. These lovely brown colours of the cast iron also give these outdoor boot brushes a wonderful rustic look that fit really well with country gardens and houses especially. These outdoor boot scraper are made with strong bristles which will make short work of any muck and mud on your footwear and are made from all natural fibres so there's no nasty plastic in these shoe brushes!

These wonderful rustic shoe cleaners come in 3 unique designs:

1) One is a watering can design with a lovely old fashioned metal watering can design with a black bristled brush.

2) Another is a very sweet and quirky hedgehog design that has an adorable cast iron hedgehog that is covered in the bristles, allowing you to run your shoes over the hedgehogs back and get them clean.

3) The final design is a detailed ornate rooster that stands proudly amongst some grass and has a brown bristle brush for cleaning your shoes with.

These brushes are really handy for cleaning off your shoes before stepping into your home & they're a godsend if you have kids or a larger family as you can simply leave these by your front or back door and let everyone quickly give their shoes a rub across these brushes and get their shoes all nice and clean - for kids it can even be fun with these lovely designs - especially the hedgehog brush!

Watering Can: 24.5cm 15.5cm x 20cm
Cockerel: 23cm x 16.5cm x 20cm
Hedgehog: 28cm x 15cm x 10cm

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