Black Halloween Enamel Mug with Spooky Spiderwebs, Skulls, Cauldron & Bats
Black spooky Halloween enamel mug which is great for this scary time of year, they're also great for holding your hot chocolates and pumpkin spiced coffees during these colder October nights. The mug is large and holds plenty of liquid, it's a robust cup and has lots of spooky Halloween designs on it including white spiders webs, bats, white ghosts, witches cauldrons with pentagrams on, white skulls, crosses, potion bottles and the moon on it which all go so very perfectly with this creepy and wonderful celebration of Halloween!

The mug features the words 'Witches brew. Brewed natural ingredients, drink at your own risk!' with an overflowing cauldron on it in a vintage inspired label design.

This mug is a very good size and has a wide brim to prevent any drips that might sometimes spill down the mug as you take a sip of your drink. The mug makes a whimsical drinking cup for use during the spookier and colder winter months but it also makes a really good travel mug or camping mug as it is large and very lightweight. It has a very sturdy handle too.

Size: 9cm x 9cm x 9cm

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