Black Heart Double Oil Burner - Heart Shaped Wax Burner

These lovely black ceramic heart shaped double oil burners and wax burners come with a double pot, meaning you can have two scents going at once! These oil burners / wax melters make great additions to any home, they both look wonderful with their pretty heart shape design and high quality glazed finish and fill your home with beautiful and refreshing scents at the same time!

This burner has a unique double dish at the top which enables you to be able to burn two fragrance oils or scented wax melts at once, creating a gorgeous mix of the two scents combined, making this burner totally unique! Just think of all the new unique combined scents you can fill your home with if you use these burners! The glazed finish completes these burners and makes them look sleek and shiny and very easy to look after and clean between uses.

They are quite large burners too and make very pretty ornaments when not being used. When the lit tealight is placed inside, the heart lights up with the light of the dancing flame and the light reflects off the black ceramic's glaze, which looks really lovely! These burners will have your home smelling great and feeling extra cosy!

Size 13.5cm x 16cm approx

Please note that the tealight is not included with the burner or wax melts.

Please follow all fire safety precautions when using these oil burners. Always place burner on a heatproof matt. Keep out of the way of children and pets at all times. Always place well away of any flammable surfaces including walls, curtains and other objects. Never leave unattended. Always use a good quality tealight. If flame becomes too large, extinguish with a damp cloth. 


This oil burner is also available in grey & white below:



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