Black Cauldron Egg Cup with Broomstick Spoon
This black cauldron egg cup is made from quality bone china and comes with a really sweet china broomstick spoon. The spoon is made from thick china and has been hand painted to look like a witches broomstick with handle and bristle details included. The black cauldron egg holder comes with two handles, one each side and makes a really unique serving cup for having your breakfast egg in! The egg holder is finished with a lovely glaze which makes it more chip and damage resistant and gives it a clean and shiny finish.

This is a really unique egg holder and makes a really wonderful gift. This egg cup holder has four little china legs which support it off the ground securely and keep this egg holder table. This black egg holder and petite broomstick spoon makes a perfect witchy gift!

Size: H8cm x W8cm x D6cm

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