Bamboo Oil Burner and Wax Melt Burner - Eco Friendly Wax Warmer
Organic bamboo wood oil burner and wax melt burner with white ceramic tealight spoon and oil burning dish. This wooden wax melter features a U shaped design leaving 3 sides of the burner open, which makes it unique compared to most other oil burners which are almost completely enclosed. This wax warmer comes with a white ceramic dish at the top for burning your essential oils and wax melts in and a white tealight spoon to add your tealight to underneath the dish. The tealight spoon can easily be lifted in and out of the burner when you wish to add or remove the tealight, the spoon has a handle too so you'll never have to worry about accidentally burning your fingers on a hot tealight again! The ceramic spoon included with this set not only protects your fingers but adds a modern, stylish twist to a classic oil burner too.

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable and eco friendly woods you can find so you can enjoy this burner guilt free or give it as a guilt free house warming gift, wedding gift, birthday gift or Christmas gift! Suitable for use with both wax melts and essential oils. The beautiful natural shades of the bamboo wood run through this burner, which looks really lovely.

Size: 12cm (H) x 11.5cm (W) x 12cm (D)

Please follow all fire safety precautions when using this burner. Always place on a heatproof matt or surface. Always use good quality and appropriately sized tealights (please don't use 4 or 8 hour tealights as these may be hazardous). Always keep away from flammable surfaces such as walls, doors and curtains. Never leave a lit candle unattended for any length of time. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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