Bamboo Lunch Box with Yellow Bee Design
White and yellow eco friendly bamboo fibre lunch box, made from 100% responsibly sourced sustainable bamboo fibres and made using a zero waste process and featuring a cute yellow bumble bee design, with small black and yellow bees dotted in a pattern all over the lunchbox lid. The lunchbox features a white lid with a bumble bee pattern on it whilst the base of the box is a vibrant and colourful yellow to match the bee vibe of this lunch box. The lunch box comes with a bright yellow rubber band to secure the lid to the lunchbox in order to keep the food inside secure.

This lunch box is made exclusively from bamboo fibres which are one of the most sustainable materials out there due to bamboo's incredibly fast growth rate and the fact it doesn't take much water to grow, as well as the fact it doesn't need pesticides to grow. So you can be sure that this lunch box is not only good for you to take your food to school or work but is also great for the planet!

This lunchbox comes in fully recyclable packaging too.

Size: 18.5cm x 12.5cm x 6cm

BPA free and free from phthalates.

Dishwasher safe (not the rubber band).
Do not microwave.

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