Our selection of Christmas gifts and x-mas stocking fillers. We have Children's Christmas presents, Christmas eve boxes and plenty of Christmas pressies for the adults too!

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Total detox pure essential oil bath salts made from all natural ingredients to allow you to relax and give your body and mind a full detox and refresh. Made with the beautiful scents of May Chang, Tea Tree & Juniper, these natural homemade bathsalts are designed to give your body and mind a full detox and wind down and help you to let go of any stresses, worries and pains that you ate currently experiencing. When you take an aromatic bath with these bath salts, we want you to know you'll be leaving the bath a different person than when you entered, feeling freer and fresher and with less of life's baggage holding you down.

This aromatherapy bath potion is made with an artful blend of pure essential oils and sea salt.

They are the perfect gift to give to your loved ones or to treat yourself. This bath potion will relax your body, energise and clear your mind and is good for your skin too!

For 12 baths, the bath salts will come in a large & attractive kraft bag with a small window in it, and not the mini hessian bags.

Aromatic heart shaped soy wax melts in a variety of gorgeous fragrances including lime basil and mandarin scent, fresh linen scent, vanilla creme scent and velvet rose and oud scent. These lovely heart shaped wax melts are made from high quality and eco friendly soy wax, which is both much cleaner and healthier to burn, as well as having a more natural and better fragrance level. The wax melts will fill your home with their fresh scents and have the place feeling warm and cosy.

The wax melts come in one piece in a snap bar so you can break off one of the wax melts each time you need to melt one. Each wax melt snap bar contains 6 individual heart shaped wax melts.

As well as coming in a variety of scents, each scent also has it's own colour so you can have them in pink, orange, pastel yellow or white.

These wax melts are suitable for use with both electrical and tealight wax burners.

Size: 11cm x 7.5cm x 3cm

Candle gift set that includes 3 cocktail scented candles in a box together ready for gifting, available in pina colada scent, cosmopolitan scent, long island iced tea scent and gin & tonic scent. Pot candles in lovely colourful glass pots to reflect the colours of the corresponding cocktails that they are scented like. The colourful glass pots mean that not only do these lovely cocktail pot candles make your home smell absolutely wonderful, but they also look really pretty around your home and will brighten up any space with their colours. The pina colada candles are white, the gin & tonic candles are green, the long island iced tea candles orange and the cosmopolitan candles are blue.

The candles come in a set of 3 and make the perfect candle gift set for a friend for their birthday, for a Christmas gift, house warming gift or just as a treat (or as a treat for yourself!)

Box Size: 17cm x 6.6cm x 5.5cm
Candle Size: 6cm each
A fantastic witchy black cauldron teapot and tea cup set which is made from 100% black and ceramic with white moon and star detailing on the teapot and the black cauldron mugs. As well as the stencilled white moon and star design, the teapot also reads 'Witches Brew'. This beautiful black teapot comes with 4 black tea and coffee mugs that each hold 8 fluid ounces of hot tea or coffee (or hot chocolate, perfect for this time of year!)

The teapot holds enough water for 4 people so can make a perfect hot brew for all the four cauldron mugs that come with it. This witchy tea set is sure to delight guests when you are entertaining and is something different and unique to have in your home. These sets really do look fantastic and are sure to brighten your day when you use them!

Each teacup holds approximately 8 oz.

H20cm x W26cm x D15cm
Handmade and hand painted wooden indoor plant stands featuring a variety of colours and made from albasia wood. These wood planter stands are hand carved from albasia wood and hand finished in different paint work depending on your preferences. These modern and minimalistic stands make beautiful additions to your home decor and are a unique way to display your house plants; these houseplant stands are particularly great for showing off hanging plants or plants with a lot of hanging arms such as cheese plants or aloe veras.

These decorative plant stands are had cut, hand carved, hand sanded and hand painted using the finest quality stains to protect the wood and keep them looking in top shape. The wooden stand is supported by black metal legs which are stable and flat to keep the stand secure.

The circular plant stands come with a beautiful flower hand carved on the side and the fish stands come with intricate fin and face details carved into them.

Whitewashed: 43x19x5cm
Terracotta & Black: 43x19x5cm
Turquoise & Gold: 43x19x5cm
Natural & Gold: 43x19x5cm
Fish Whitewashed: 37x25x2cm
Fish Terracotta: 37x25x2cm
Fish Turquoise: 37x25x2cm
Fish Greywash: 37x25x2cm
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White and red ceramic flower vase jugs with lovely Christmas red robins on the front and a large red handle. These decorative and very festive flower vases come in the shape of a large pouring jug and have an adorable wintry robin on the front with a red breast and brown tail and wing feathers. These Christmas flower jugs will make your home feel warm, cosy and Christmassy and will look fantastic as a decoration for the festive period. They are lovey, classy flower vases and are a very unique shape which sets them apart from other indoor flower pots.

The lovely robin on the front is sure to cheer up and brighten the cold winter nights. The contrasting red handle makes the flower vase easy to carry around if you should choose to move the flower jug and adds a festive touch to the white jug.

Available in medium and large.

Large - H24cm x W23.3cm x D16cm
Medium - H18cm x W17cm x D12cm
All natural handmade nagchampa scented snap bars in 6 unique and refreshing scents that will have you and your home feeling rejuvenated. These nag champa wax melt bars have 6 wax melt sized cells in each pack and are easy to snap off one at a time - you can even use half a chunks worth if you want a gentler scent level.

The nag champa wax melts are made using pure essential oils and natural extracts and come in 6 wonderful scents, all based around nag champa. The 6 scents of wax melt available are Patchouli, Black Opium, Sandalwood, Pure Nag Champa, Amber and Nirvana. All of them have their own unique smells and all have a base note of nag champa.

Suitable for use with all standard wax melt burners.

Snap bar sizes: H11.5cm x W8cm x D2.5cm
Cut crystal glass whiskey decanter set with 4 matching glass whiskey tumblers. This clear cut glass whiskey decanter gift set comes in a beautiful vintage 1920s inspired style and is made from high quality glass. Along with the beautiful glass whiskey decanter, you get 4 elegant looking glass whiskey tumblers to enjoy a sip of cold whiskey from after a hard day. There's nothing better than sitting down at the end of a long day, putting your feet up and enjoying some whiskey on the rocks in a lovely glass.

The glasses have been given a cut glass diamond shape design which looks so opulent and will make sipping your drinks all the more pleasurable as the glasses are fantastic to look at, as well as use. The decanter has a wonderful ornate lid that is fitted with a secure stopper to keep the decanter air tight. The beautiful diamond patterns of the glass look so good when they catch the light and they really do bring an air of elegance and sophistication!

This set makes a wonderful gift set and is a thoughtful present for dads and granddads, especially for Christmas and birthdays!

Decanter Capacity: 750ml

* Serving Tray not included.
White and red china gift mug for mum which has a colourful rainbow on the front and has text which reads 'Mummy you brighten up my day' on it. The mug is all white on the outside with the rainbow on the centre of the front of the mug, the mug also has a red handle and is red inside the cup. This gift mug for mummy is a perfect gift to give to your mum on her birthday, for Christmas or for mothers day - or just to let her know you care!

The mug is made from china and is both dishwasher safe and microwave safe as well. The rainbow on the front really does make this mug a cheerful addition to any mum's kitchen. The mug is suitable for use with tea, coffee, hot chocolate or whatever else you mum prefers to drink!

The mug comes presented in a lovely gift box with a rainbow on top, the box itself is a lovely sky blue colour.

Size: H10cm X W13cm X D8cm
Wooden hedgehog house which will provide your wild garden hedgehogs with a lovely, dry and warm place to rest and have a sleep over the colder winter months. The plywood hogitat will keep them nice and cosy and the opening is small enough to prevent any predators getting at the whilst they rest. You could even add a little bit of hay or straw into the hedgehog hotel to make sure they can really snuggle up and keep cosy.

The hedgehog house features a lovely sign above the entrance which reads 'hedgehogs welcome'. The hedgehog house will not only give your garden wildlife somewhere safe to stay and encourage lovely hedgehogs to your garden, but also looks wonderful as a garden ornament. The hedgehog house is made from untreated plywood so has a wonderful natural finish that will compliment any garden.

Size: H20.5cm x W30cm x D30cm
White ceramic hand vase with openings at the end of two fingers to add flowers to. This glazed ceramic vase comes in all white in a hand design making a peace symbol gesture with two fingers in the air, it has a very scandi / minimalist design and makes a lovely statement piece around your home as part of your home decor. The hand comes on a flat plinth base which keeps the vase standing steady and securely.

This flower vase looks wonderful on a mantelpiece, on shelves or an end table and really does make a very interesting ornament. The two fingers sticking up and slightly out away from one another provides space for more flowers and as they are spaced out, will make your flowers look like a fuller bunch. It's a really unique vase and fits really well into any home with it's neutral white colour.

Size: 21cm x 10cm x 7cm
Ornate white jewellery dish with a pastel pink flamingo ring holder in the centre. This beautiful ring and jewelry dish is the perfect jewellery organiser and makes a really cute way to keep your trinkets and jewelry. The bottom plate is perfect for holding brooches, necklaces, watches, cuff links and other jewellery items and the flamingo in the centre is a gorgeous pastel pink which can hold several rings on its neck safely. The ornate flamingo features intricate detailing of feathers on the wings and tail and has a really pretty golden beak too.

This trinket tray and jewellery dish really does make the most wonderful and unique way to store all of your jewellery items and it looks really pretty at the same time, acting as a lovely little ornament even when not in use!

Size: H:9cm W:13cm D:9cm
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