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This soft cotton Buddha wall art is very soft to the touch and the splash of colours make it absolutely lovely to look at. It's very relaxing to look at the peaceful and content Buddha, hanging this piece of wall art in your home or office will bring the perfect pop of colour and sense of zen. The wall art should bring an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity to your home, allowing you to relax and unwind.

This wall hanging can also be used as a sofa or chair covering, a single bed covering or as a table cover. These pieces of cotton wall art have been lovingly and ethically handmade in India from sustainable and responsibly sourced cotton.

Available in several styles:
Style 1 - Praying Buddha multicoloured wall art
Size 112cm x 78cm

Style 2 - Chakra Buddha hand brushed cotton wall art
Size 115cm x 75cm

Style 3 - Colourful Chakra Buddha wall art
Size 112cm x 78cm

Style 4 - Round Mandala colourful cotton wall art
Size 112cm x 78cm

Style 5 - Colourful Sacred Om design wall art
Size 112cm x 78cm approx

Black and white handmade and hand printed cotton double bedsheets in several different styles.

Lotus flower design bedsheet for a double bed that is made from soft cotton and features a hand printed lotus flower design. This double bedspread is black and white and made from 100% sustainably sourced cotton which is very soft and breathable which is sure to help you get a great nights sleep as well as making your bed look beautiful with the stunning lotus flower design.

The lotus flower design has been lovingly hand printed onto the soft cotton by skilled artisans who take great pride in their work. There is so much beautiful detail in the lotus flower print and you're sure to love it once on your bed! 


This black and white cotton bed sheet / bedspread is handmade with love by skilled artisans in India. This elephant design bed sheet features a gorgeous and ornate elephant design that has been printed onto the cotton by hand. 

This black and white, soft cotton elephant design double bedspread (bedsheet) is handmade and will make any bed look absolutely beautiful. The intricate design and soft cotton make for a fantastic night's sleep.


Beautifully detailed cotton double bedsheet featuring stunning hamsa artwork on it in black and white. This cotton double bedspread has been made using responsibly sourced cotton and is 100% natural cotton. This black and white double bed sheet is so soft and breathable and is bound to have you feeling very comfortable in your bed.

The bedsheet features stunningly detailed hamsa artwork (hamsa is a traditional middle eastern sign of protection and is meant to bring protection for those who wear or use items with this artwork on it). 


Skull Print:
Black and white skull design double bedsheet made from high quality and soft cotton. This skull design double bedspread is made from sustainably sourced cotton and has been completely handmade with love in India. The skull design has been very intricately been hand printed onto the soft cotton by skilled artisans. 

This very soft and gentle on the skin cotton is bound to ensure you have a great night's sleep and will make your bed look great with its fantastic skull design!


Ying Yang:
Soft black and white cotton double bedsheet with a handprinted ying yang design. This very soft and breathable bedspread has been lovingly handmade using 100% responsibly sourced and all natural cotton. The cotton is so soft on the skin and will have you feeling cosy and relaxed for a good nights sleep.

The bedsheet features a gorgeous and intricate ying yang symbol in black and white with many other detailed patterns surrounding it, all of which have been painstakingly hand printed by skilled artisans. The motifs are so stunning and will have your bedroom looking fantastic!


Black and white design dreamcatcher double bedsheet hand printed with a white dreamcatcher design. This beautifully soft and high quality dreamcatcher bedspread is made from 100% responsibly sourced cotton. The cotton is so soft and is kind to your skin and will help to give you a great nights sleep!

The bedsheet features an ornate and intricate dreamcatcher design with beautiful patterns and feathers hanging down from it. Each detail of the dreamcatcher has been painstakingly hand printed by skilled artisans. 


This wonderful Buddha double bedsheet is made from exquisitely soft cotton which has all been sourced from sustainable and responsible places. This lovely black and white bedspread is the perfect size for a double bed and has been hand printed by skilled artisans. 

This black and white, soft cotton Buddha design bedspread (bedsheet) is handmade and will make any bed look absolutely beautiful. The intricate design and soft cotton make for a fantastic night's sleep. 


Due to the unique and handmade nature, the measurements of these bedsheets may vary a little.  

Material: 100% Cotton

Size : Height: 230cm length: 200cm

These biodegradable and eco friendly cedar wood moth balls are the perfect repellents to keep moths at bay from your wardrobes and drawers. These all natural cedarwood moth balls have an amazing fresh natural scent that keeps the moths away, whilst also making your wardrobes and drawers smell amazing with their refreshing woody smell. Cedar wood has been an effective natural moth repellent for centuries. Not only does cedar wood repel moths, but also mustiness and mildew. The wonderful woody scent of the balls infuses the garments and protects them, whilst also keep them smelling fresh & clean.

These moth balls are made from 100% sustainably sourced red cedar wood and are completely compostable and biodegradable so great for you & for our planet too! Once they have lost their wonderful scent over time, simply sand them down a little and the scent should return. After 6 to 12 months you can replace your moth balls accordingly. They are 100% compostable so there's no need to worry!


1) Hanging garments - Place one cedar ball into the pocket of each garment.

2) Drawers & folded clothing - Place one ball between alternate layers of the garments.

3) White & delicate garments - Place a layer of tissue between the ball and fabric to prevent contact.

Hand made with macramé details and natural rattan frames dream catcher and evil eye by tribal artisans. In many ancient cultures the Evil Eye is a symbol of protection against evil, warding off any bad spirits or perhaps bad energy from others and giving you safety, protection and a good night's sleep, free from bad dreams.

This combination of Dream Catcher and Evil Eye is believed to invoke the magic of both & makes for an extra potent protection charm. You can hang it in you or your children's bedrooms bedroom to protect against evil nightmares - the good dreams pass through the dream catcher and the bad get tangled in the web and perish with the first light of dawn.

A beautifully crafted gift that not only protects you and your loved ones, but is so pretty to have in your home as part of your home decor.

Available in 4 feather colour options:
1) White
2) Grey, Blue & White
3) White, Grey & Brown
4) White, Grey & Pink

Size: 58 x 36cm approx


These lovely zen Buddha reed diffusers offer up a gorgeous, layered scent to your home. They create a calming and relaxing atmosphere and bring a true sense of zen to your home. These diffusers come in three beautiful scents including rich sandalwood, dark amber and refreshing jasmine.

The reed diffusers come packaged in lovely, colourful boxes. These Buddha reed diffusers offer gorgeous, natural smells that are perfect for the home or office. They have a great fragrance level and will fill any room with their gorgeous aromas. They are perfect for having around to put you at ease and to allow you to put your shoulders back and relax a little.

Comes in 3 scents: Sacred wisdom with amber fragrance. Divine temple with jasmine fragrance. Golden Buddha with sandalwood fragrance.

Size: H19cm x W3.5cm x D3.5cm

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