Our range of bathroom items such as eco friendly wash products including bamboo toothbrushes, natural solid shampoo bars, handmade soap & more as well as wooden soap dishes, natural soap bags & an even larger range of sustainable bathroom essentials!

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These hand made bath salts are the perfect way to find some stress relief and kick back and take some respite from the stresses of your day. They have been handmade using the finest quality ingredients which include an artful blend of sea salt and gorgeously scented natural essential oils as well. In particular, for this salt we have used a blend of bergamot, geranium and vetiver oils which all aid in relaxation and rejuvenation. These bath salts are the perfect way to shake off your stress and wind down for bed at night.

They make a really lovely gift to others who you know need to de-stress or as a treat for yourself!

They come in lovely and natural hessian bags which decompose naturally. Clear your mind and relax now with these gorgeous bath salts!

For 12 bags, the bath salts will come in a large & attractive kraft bag with a small window in it.

Total detox pure essential oil bath salts made from all natural ingredients to allow you to relax and give your body and mind a full detox and refresh. Made with the beautiful scents of May Chang, Tea Tree & Juniper, these natural homemade bathsalts are designed to give your body and mind a full detox and wind down and help you to let go of any stresses, worries and pains that you ate currently experiencing. When you take an aromatic bath with these bath salts, we want you to know you'll be leaving the bath a different person than when you entered, feeling freer and fresher and with less of life's baggage holding you down.

This aromatherapy bath potion is made with an artful blend of pure essential oils and sea salt.

They are the perfect gift to give to your loved ones or to treat yourself. This bath potion will relax your body, energise and clear your mind and is good for your skin too!

For 12 baths, the bath salts will come in a large & attractive kraft bag with a small window in it, and not the mini hessian bags.

These handmade and natural eco friendly shampoo bars are zero waste as opposed to the conventional shampoo that comes in plastic bottles, the solid nature of these lovely shampoo bars means there is zero need for plastic packaging. These shampoo bars contain argan oil and are made from a wonderful blend of natural essential oils to give them refreshing fragrances so they are both great for cleaning your hair and leave you smelling wonderful too! These solid shampoo bars will gently give your scalp a deep cleanse and will bring balance to oily hair too. All of these solid shampoo bars are SLS free and contain only high quality, natural ingredients.

Note: If you buy a set of 3 and want to mix & match different scents, please message us to let us know which scents you would like and we will be happy to arrange that!

These shampoo bars weigh approximately 115g each and measure 10x5.5x2 approx.

Scents available:
- Tea Tree & Peppermint Tea tree has long been used for it's antiseptic properties. We've blended this with refreshing peppermint essential oil for a shampoo with an invigorating fragrance, which may help to balance oily hair and to give your scalp a deeply cleansing yet gentle treatment.

-Thyme & Mint Thyme essential oil is believed to stimulate and rejuvenate the scalp, and we've blended this with cleansing mint for a shampoo with a zingy sensation which may help to keep your scalp flake free whilst giving your hair a natural looking healthy shine.

- Sage & Juniper Made with aromatic sage and juniper essential oil, this shampoo has been created with dark hair in mind. It may help to bring out cool, deep tones in natural and tinted dark shades and to discourage the appearance of red or brassy tones.

- Chamomile & Lemon Made with chamomile and lemon essential oil, this fresh scented shampoo has been formulated for blonde and highlighted hair, and may help enhance the colour and shine. The natural chamomile is also sure to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

- Lavender & Rosemary Made with lavender and rosemary essential oil, this floral scented shampoo is intended for use with all hair types and its natural ingredients may help the hair to resist the stress of pollution, colouring and styling.

- Coconut & Lime Made with lime essential oil and coconut fragrance for an exotic, fruity scent, this shampoo may help to re-hydrate dull or dry hair and to nourish and restore lustre for a sparkling clean result.

- Ylang Ylang & Orange Beautifully fragranced with a blend of ylang ylang and orange essential oil, this shampoo is intended for all hair types with its relaxing and calming fragrance. - Jasmine With the floral, woody fragrance of jasmine that may help relieve stress and anxiety, this shampoo is intended for all hair types.

- Ginger Made with ginger essential oil, this shampoo has a warm, spicy fragrance that feels energizing. Ginger is believed to help stimulate circulation to the scalp that may help healthier hair growth. - Eucalyptus Made with crisp eucalyptus essential oil, this shampoo has a refreshing fragrance, and may help improve shine, thickness, and overall hair health.

Eco friendly bamboo cotton buds / natural bamboo ear buds in beautiful mini glass jar; the perfect sustainable alternative to the traditional plastic ear buds & cotton buds. They are made from soft organic cotton tips and the stems are made from bamboo which is one of the most sustainable types of wood due to its very fast growing nature. The bamboo and cotton for these organic cotton buds have been sustainably sourced from responsible growers. These bamboo cotton buds are 100% biodegradable so won't negatively harm out planet as their plastic counterparts do.

They are very easy to handle and are very durable. These bamboo ear buds are a perfect and small step towards living a more eco friendly lifestyle. The vintage sweet style glass jar helps eliminate plastic or paper packaging and also fits in well with the aesthetic of a sustainable bathroom.

Once empty you can always refill it with more sustainable cotton buds or any other cotton products.

*There are 50 cotton buds in the glass jar set.

Note - Please note that the glass jar is not air tight and fits loosely. It’s been designed like this for easy access and handling.

These gorgeous handmade 'wake up' aromatherapy baths salts are scented using natural essential oils and smell of a beautiful mixture sweet grapefruit, fresh peppermint & lovely may chang that is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and fully awake! These bath salts have been handmade using all natural sea salt & the highest quality essential oils to be kind to your skin, body and mind.

Simply add 2 or 3 teaspoons of this beautiful aromatherapy bath salt to your warm bath and breathe in the wonderfully refreshing scents of the grapefruit, peppermint & may chang as your body soaks in the goodness of the essential oils and sea salt.

After taking a bath in these salts, you're sure to be feeling full of energy, refreshed and fully awake again! These bath salts will give you the full aromatherapy bath experience.

If you buy 1 to 6 baths worth of salt, the salt comes in natural jute drawstring bags.
For 12 bags, the bath salts will come in a large & attractive kraft bag with a small window in it.


These beautifully scented and handmade bath salts make a wonderful addition to your bath when you need to unwind from a hard day and let go of some of the troubles of your day. These bath salts are made from a lovely blend of natural sea salt & essential oils and have the wonderful blended scent of lavender, orange and basil. They really do smell highly refreshing and are sure to leave your feeling more at ease and free after a good soak.

These bath salts are the perfect addition to a holistic healing approach and will leave you feeling much better as they relax your body and energise and clear your mind. To use these aromatherapy bath salts, simply add 2 or 3 teaspoons of the salt to a warm bath and wait for the gorgeous scents to fill the air. Once you get into the bath, they will get to work putting your muscles and mind at ease.

If you buy 1 to 6 baths, the salt comes in a lovely, natural jute drawstring bag.
For 12 bags, the bath salts will come in a large & attractive kraft bag with a small window in it.


These eucalyptus scented bath salts make the perfect home remedy to treat cold and flu with. Simply add some of this bath salt to your warm bath, relax and soak in and let the salts work their magic to heal you and get you back to being fighting fit! These bath salts have been handmade using the highest quality natural essential oils and natural healing sea salt.

The salts contain a mixture of eucalyptus for promoting your healing process with its natural antimicrobial and antiviral properties (it also is great for clearing your nasal passages), ginger for its healing properties that help reduce inflammation and numb pain, as well as it's antibacterial properties & blackpepper to alleviate your cold symptoms such as congested nasal passages, boost immunity and reduce inflammation.

These gorgeously scented and very effective bath salts will reduce and fight off your cold and flu symptoms and have you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed in no time!

For 12 bags, the bath salts will come in a large & attractive kraft bag with a small window in it. 

Home total detox bath salt set, with handmade bath salts to give you a full mind and body detox, made from high quality essential oils and natural sea salts. The bath salts come in a lovely glass mason jar with a rustic cork lid to keep your bath salts dry and easy to store. These bright orange bath salts are made using all natural essential oils that give them the most wonderful refreshing scents of May Chang, Tea Tree & Juniper, which will relax you and allow your body and mind to completely detox of all the stress, toxins and negativity you might be carrying around with you. Simply add 2-3 teaspoons of these bath salts to your bath for a detoxing and relaxing soak.

The glass mason jar is the perfect way to keep your bath salts as it keeps them fresh and preserves their scent, whilst also looking interesting and adds a touch of colour to your bathroom as you can see the bright orange bath salts inside.

These bath salts make a lovely gift to someone who needs a bit of tender love and care or perhaps who is struggling with their mental health. They also make a really lovely self-care treat - each time you take an aromatic bath with these salts, you'll be sure to leave the bath feeling like a new person.

Bottle size: 10cm x 6cm (150ml capacity)

Please note that the scoop and tray shown in the photos are for display purposes only and do not come with the bath salts.
Natural wooden soap dish, soap holder and soap drying tray made from eco friendly and sustainably sourced hemu wood from the guger tree. These eco soap dishes are made from high quality hemu wood which has a wonderful rich colour and dries very fast, helping to ensure that your soap dries more quickly to extend the life of your soap bars, this allows you to use your bars of soap for longer, saving money and helping reduce waste and consumption, which is great for the environment! The soap holder has a grooved design with small raised ridges all along the wood, this helps to allow the water to run off your bar of soap and drain away along the grooves, keeping your soap nice and dry and preventing it from turning into mush.

This soap tray is an absolute must for any zero waste and sustainable bathroom and is an easy way to taking your first small step to living a more eco friendly lifestyle. The wood will last you for a very long time and looks great amongst any kind of home decor, so will fit right in. The soap dish can also be used to hold shampoo bars too!

Size: 10cm x 7cm x 2cm

Price is for a single soap dish.
Set of 3 handmade and reusable eco friendly natural wool dryer balls to help speed up your tumble drying! These 100% felted wool dryer balls will help to speed up the drying time for your washing as it spins in your tumble dryer, they do this by helping to spread out and separate the laundry as they bounce around the machine, they help to soak up moisture from the clothes, evenly spread out the heat so some clothes aren't dry and some still soaked and will even help prevent a build up of static electricity. Being made completely from natural felted wool, these wool dryer balls are compostable and biodegradable as well as being reusable. You will get quite a lot of use out of these wool balls before they start to wear. Simply add these natural wool dryer balls to your wash and run your cycle as normal.

They will help to save you money and are energy saving as they improve efficiency of your tumble dryer, meaning you can run shorter cycles on lower heats. They can help to reduce drying times by up to 30% depending on the washing and are all natural and completely zero waste and plastic free. They also help to reduce wrinkles and creases as they spread out the clothes instead of allowing them to stick in a clump within the dryer, this helps reduce your ironing time too!

We recommend using 3 laundry dryer balls per 1-2kg loads of clothes / drying.

- Reusable, you'll get lots of use before they wear (up to 1000 drying cycles!)
- All natural and compostable / biodegradable.
- Improve drying times and efficiency, helping save you time and money on your energy bills.
- 100% plastic free and zero waste.
- Prevents static build up.
- Improves air flow during drying.
- Helps reduce creases and wrinkled by separating clothes during spins - reducing ironing time!
- Sustainable and natural alternatives to traditional dryer sheets.

You can store your balls in the dryer between cycles.

You can scent your wool dryer balls using a few drops of natural essential oils if you want to add a light scent to your drying, add a couple of drops of essential oil the day before you are drying and let the scent soak into the balls. When you use them the next day, you will smell the soft scents of the essential oils in your washing. Just be sure to be careful which essential oils to use, you don't want to spoil your washing!

Size: 7cm diameter per ball approx
Circumference 23cm approx

Unharmful for the environment and made from 100% wool, you can have peace of mind when using these balls. Not only are you contributing by using natural resources but you’re helping you and your family have healthy skin. There are no harmful substances in the balls helping to protect sensitive skin and family members with allergies.

Please note that dishcloth used in photos is for photos only and does not come included with these dryer balls.
Handmade eco friendly organic cotton and bamboo make up remover rounds and reusable make-up pads. These sets of sustainable make up removal pads have been made from sustainably sourced organic cotton and natural bamboo fibres which have been made into ultra soft make up rounds to remove make up and help cleanse your face, also included in these sets are reusable bamboo terry pads which are great for a deeper cleanse. The pads are all reusable and machine washable and you also have the option to purchase these sets with a cotton eco wash bag which holds all of the pads securely in the washing machine to allow them to be cleaned without getting damaged in the spin.

Each set includes
5 black cotton and bamboo make make up remove pads
+ 1 white bamboo fibre terry pad for deep cleansing

And you have the option to buy the sets with or without the cotton eco wash bag for washing the pads with in your washing machine.

As these pads are reusable and machine washable, you will get so many uses out of them and they really are much better for your skin and the environment than wet wipes and make up removal wipes.

Our reusable eco make up removal rounds are intended for use with all skin types and on sensitive skin regions such as the eyes. Our plastic free bamboo microfiber terry pads are designed to give your skin a deeper clean & cleanse, remove stubborn makeup and exfoliate your skin.

9.3 Million wet wipes are flushed down the toilet every year in the UK alone. Make a sustainable switch to eco-friendly makeup pads today and start your zero waste journey!
Handmade plastic free and eco friendly bar of luxurious organic soap in a rose, honey and citrus fruit scents with a sustainable hemu wood soap dish. These all natural decadent soaps are handmade by our team in the UK and come in several wonderful scents including rose, honey and citrus fruits.

They are paired with a wooden soap dish so that is made from sustainably sourced hemu wood which is a must in any sustainable bathroom. These hemu wood soap trays are made from quality hemu wood from the Asian guger tree, which provides a feel, colour and texture of wood which is very similar to that of bamboo and are equally as sustainable to grow. These soap trays are far superior to their cheap plastic counterparts. The hemu wood soap holder is in a 'piano' style with slots running through it, allowing air to reach and dry the soap between uses, saving soap and prolonging the life of the soap bar.

What's more is that the bars of aromatic soap come topped with natural ingredients that are included in the soap, for example, for our rose scented soap, there are beautiful rose heads on the soap. The honey soap comes in a beautiful honeycomb texture and our citrus fruits soap has a lovely slice of dried orange to finish it off.

The eco friendly and sustainably made hemu wood soap holder completes this gift set and pairs wonderfully with these artisan made soaps, between them, helping you on your journey to living a much more sustainable lifestyle.

Each soap bar weighs approximately 100 grams.
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